Our sixth annual SWOG Cancer Research Network Impact Report, a collection of key performance measures and achievements, has arrived! The Impact Report is designed to be a fast, easy-to-scan set of statistics and stories, and one important goal is to allow readers to compare SWOG’s performance with prior years.

The numbers from 2021 tell the story: SWOG is continuing to meet our patient-driven core mission, despite the pandemic. 

Most measures showed increases over the previous year – the numbers for trial enrollment, concepts reviewed, new sites, and publications and presentations were all up.

The number of new SWOG sites added last year – 143 – was the greatest since 2017 and included nine international sites, more than doubling our number of international locales. We now have member sites in nine countries beyond the U.S. 

One number that fell slightly from the 2020 figure was the number of new trials we launched last year. This number naturally varies year to year, and 2021’s drop was balanced by a similar increase in the number of proposals we reviewed for future studies. Moreover, most trials we activated in 2021 had been crafted, from concept to activation, entirely during the pandemic. Many of the studies we launched in 2020, by contrast, had been in development before the pandemic disrupted so much of life.

 Apart from the numbers, our Impact Report also highlights some of the most important developments and accomplishments within SWOG over the previous year. It’s an inspiring read for any SWOG member or supporter, and I remain so proud of our work. Take a look!