Our Network

A deep bench

Over 1,300 institutions have joined SWOG Cancer Research Network, with more than 20,000 individual members. Members reflect the full spectrum of professionals who design and conduct cancer trials - physicians, nurse oncologists, clinical research associates, statisticians, scientists, patient advocates, pharmacists, and more.

Our members include some of the best minds in cancer research. They work in large urban cancer centers and small rural hospitals, world-class universities and leading-edge laboratories. SWOG also works with dozens of pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms on its trials.

Mosaic of photos of SWOG members

We're proud of our lead partners. SWOG is based at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, and its statistics and data management center is based at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and Cancer Research And Biostatistics. We're the first member of the National Cancer Institute's National Clinical Trials Network to partner with basic science centers - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and The Jackson Laboratory, which both include NCI-designated cancer centers, and together are associated with 34 Nobel Prizes.

Strong connections, rich resources

With expert support from SWOG staff, our members connect online, by conference call, and at biannual meetings. They come together to plan new trials, get updates on trials in process, and prepare trial results to be published or presented in order to change medical practice - and improve the lives of patients.

Members also discuss new directions in cancer science and medicine, best research practices, and the ethical and financial implications of cancer trials. SWOG members believe strongly in mentorship and leadership, and support several programs to identify and develop early career researchers.

Since its founding in 1956, SWOG has established a rich trove of resources. Its online clinical trial and publications search tool includes more than 1,400 trials and over 5,000 trial publications and presentations. SWOG's biorepository includes more than 1.3 million blood, tissue, and other biological samples. All of these resources are publicly available in order to advance cancer research worldwide.

The Hope Foundation is one of SWOG's most treasured resources. Our public charity has given more than $45 million to support our research projects, member travel, and training, education, and mentoring programs so that our members stay connected. See all foundation funding opportunities.