Privacy & Confidentiality

The mission of SWOG ("The Group"), a member of the National Clinical Trials Network funded by the National Cancer Institute, is to advance the practice of medicine in preventing cancer and treating patients and survivors. The Group, through its member institutions, conducts clinical trials and studies directed to that end. The Group also publishes and presents research results nationally and internationally. The Group does not itself, however, provide treatment advice to individual patients or their families. For such assistance, please contact your personal physician or the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4-CANCER.

The information presented through this web site is provided in the public interest to communicate information concerning the Group and to facilitate communication with and among Group members. In some cases, that information has been provided by the Group's members and other third parties. Also, this web site contains links to other web sites that might be of interest. The Group does not, however, endorse any such web sites, and disclaims any representation or warranty concerning information that may be found through such links.

Additionally, all of the information provided in and through this web site is intended solely for general information and should NOT be relied upon for any particular diagnosis, treatment, or care. The Group strongly encourages patients and their families to consult with qualified medical professionals for treatment advice on individual cases. The Group expressly disclaims any and all representations and warrantees concerning the accuracy or completeness of information presented or obtained through this web site. Readers assume all risks associated with any and all use of such information. In all events, the Group disclaims any and all liabilities for any claims, causes of action, or damages, direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, relating to this web site or the information presented therein.