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SWOG Cancer Research Network conducts business in four U.S. offices:

- The group chair’s office in Portland, OR
The operations office in San Antonio, TX
The statistics and data management center in Seattle, WA, and
- The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, its public charity, in Ann Arbor, MI

Contact us at the email addresses below, or get more contact information on our Staff Directory page.

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Data Management qngnznantrzrag/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Group Meetings zrrgvatf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Legal yrtny/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Membership zrzore/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Protocol Questions cebgbpbyf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Publications chof/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Quality Assurance/Audits dn/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Serious Adverse Events nqe/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research vasb/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Website jroznantre/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Other vasb/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

SWOG does not provide treatment advice to individual patients or their families.
For such assistance, please contact your personal physician.