For Patients

What Is a Clinical Trial?

Cancer clinical trials are research studies involving real people that aim to answer specific health questions like …

  • Does this new lung cancer drug help people live longer?
  • Will vitamin supplements prevent prostate cancer?
  • Will breast cancer survivors get pain relief from acupuncture?

Are They Safe?

Clinical trials follow strict safety and security guidelines laid out by the National Institutes of Health. These guidelines were specifically created to protect people who choose to participate, and are enforced by local and federal hospital review boards.

Why Are Clinical Trials So Important?

Every advance in cancer treatment and prevention comes from a clinical trial. Without clinical trials, and trial participants, cancer patients would not have new and better options for care.

Should I Consider Joining One?

All cancer treatment, including treatment on a trial, can pose risks and provide benefits. This website was created to help you learn more about cancer-related trials, including things to consider in making your decision and trials you can join right now.