SWOG Cancer Research Network
Group Chair's Office

2611 SW 3rd Avenue MQ280
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 494-5586
Fax: (503) 346-8038


Name Title Phone Number Email
Charles D. Blanke, MD Group Chair (503) 494-5586
Valerie Durling Executive Specialist (503) 494-5586
Nathan Eriksen Chief of Administration  (248) 318-6526
Casey Dawson Assistant Director of Administration (503) 494-5517
Whitney Leslie Administrative Coordinator (503) 494-5734


Grants and Contracts

Name Title Phone Number Email
Patricia Mize, MBA Grants and Contracts Manager (503) 418-4533
Mary E. Briedé, JD Contract Analyst (503) 494-5714

Jennifer E. Franks, JD, PhD

Contract Analyst (734) 546-7701

Financial Administration

Name Title Phone Number Email
TBD Grants and Contracts Coordinator


Name Title Phone Number Email
Frank DeSanto Communications and Public Relations Manager (210) 718-2941

Amanda Stamplis Plain Language Writer (734) 277-4506
Cristian Eriksen Data and Business Intelligence Developer (313) 944-0961



Name Title Phone Number Email
Pat Arlauskas Publications Manager (503) 505-4198


SWOG Cancer Research Network
Operations Office

4201 Medical Dr., Ste. 250
San Antonio, TX 78229-5631
Phone: 210-614-8808
Fax: 210-614-0006


Name Title Phone Number Email
Dana B. Sparks, MAT Director of Operations and Protocols (210) 614-8808 ext. 1004
Norbert Strauss Assistant Director of Operations (210) 614-8808 ext. 3153
Courtney Wille Office Manager and Meetings Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1009
Tiffin Despres Meetings Associate (210) 614-8808 ext. 1001

Information Systems

Name Title Phone Number Email
Russell Rudd Information Technology Specialist (210) 614-8808 ext. 1017
Cara Laubach Training Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1027

Protocol Development


Name Title Phone Number Email
Crystal Miwa Protocol Department Manager (210) 614-8808 ext 1019
Crystal Miwa Clinical Trials Program Manager: Breast and Lymphoma Committee; ComboMATCH, Lung-MAP (210) 614-8808 ext 1019
Laura Gildner, MS Clinical Trials Program Manager: Leukemia, Myeloma, Melanoma, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Palliative & End of Life Care, and Gastrointestinal Committees; iMatch (210) 614-8808 ext. 1007
Mariah Norman, MS Clinical Trials Program Manager: Prevention, Cancer Care Delivery, Survivorship, Symptom Control & Quality of Life, Genitourinary, and Lung Committees; MyeloMATCH (210) 614-8808 ext 1003
TBD Clinial Trials Program Manager: CTP-PPP    
Sarah Cantu Sr. Protocol Project Manager, MyeloMATCH (210) 614-8808 ext. 9311
Patricia O'Kane Sr. Protocol Project Manager, Prevention and Cancer Care Delivery Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1011
Sharon Palmer Sr. Protocol Project Manager, Leukemia and Myeloma Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1025
Alicia Aranda Protocol Project Manager, Breast and SWOG-CTP (210) 614-8808 ext. 1006
Catrina De Los Santos-Mireles Protocol Project Manager, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers and Melanoma Committees (210) 614-8808 ext 1014
Chris Kippola Protocol Project Manager, iMatch (210) 614-8808 ext 1020
Chrissy Laubach Protocol Project Manager, ComboMATCH and SWOG-CTP (210) 614-8808 ext 1028
Andrea Garcia Protocol Project Manager, Gastrointestinal and Palliative & End of Life Care Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1024
Jennifer Beeler, MA Protocol Project Manager, Lung-MAP trial (210) 614-8808 ext. 1026
Justine Trevino Protocol Project Manager, Lung and Symptom Control and QOL Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1022
Kat Gasic Protocol Project Manager, Lymphoma and SWOG-CTP (210) 614-8808 ext 4007
Megan Keim Protocol Project Manager, Survivorship and Genitourinary Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 4708
TBD Protocol Project Manager, Lung-MAP trial    
TBD Protocol Coordinator    
Kali Nicks Protocol Coordinator (210) 614-8808 ext 1200
TBD Protocol Coordinator, Lung-MAP    
Leslie Gutierrez Protocol Document Specialist (210) 614-8808 ext. 1023


Name Title Phone Number Email
Connie Barnes Programs Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1013
Leslie Weissenstein Assistant Programs Manager & VA Program Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1005
Dacia Christin Latin American Specialist

(206) 652-9711
Lacy Teegerstrom Membership Specialist (210) 614-8808 ext. 1031

Quality Assurance

Name Title Phone Number Email
Laura Gonzales, BSN, MA, RN, OCN Quality Assurance Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1033
Maggie Spillers, BSN, RN Quality Assurance Assistant Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 4008
Rose Ermete, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP Senior Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1018
Heather Hillman, RN, BSN, OCN Senior Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1032
Michelle Phillips, RN, OCN Senior Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1030
Alison Arellano, BS, CCRP Quality Assurance Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1008
Sabrina Barrera Quality Assurance Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1010
Roxann Bates, RN, BSN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 3154
Rose Hardesty, RN, BA, AS, CCRP Qualtiy Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 0944
Tina Rosas, RN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 6752
Misty Juarez SAE Coordinator (210) 614-8808 ext. 1002
Dominique McReynolds, RN, BSN SAE Coordinator (210) 614-8808 ext. 7943
Katherine Farmer Quality Assurance Associate (210) 614-8808 ext. 1021
Landra Priestley Quality Assurance Associate (210) 614-8808 ext. 1016
Elaine Armstrong, MS Quality Assurance Consultant
(210) 614-8808 ext. 1012


SWOG Cancer Research Network
Statistics and Data Management Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
1100 Fairview Avenue North, M3-C102
Seattle, WA 98109-1024
Phone: 206-667-4623
Fax: 206-667-4408

Cancer Research And Biostatistics
1505 Westlake Ave N, Ste 750
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-652-9711


Fred Hutch Staff


Name Title Email
Michael LeBlanc, PhD Director
Catherine Tangen, DrPH Deputy Director

Biostatistics - Faculty

Name Committee(s) Email
Garnet Anderson, PhD Prevention & Epidemiology Committee
William Barlow, PhD Breast Committee
Katherine Guthrie, PhD GI, Cancer Survivorship and Palliative & EOL Care Committees
Antje Hoering, PhD Myeloma Committee
Michael LeBlanc, PhD Lymphoma Committee, iMATCH
Megan Othus, PhD Leukemia, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers Committees, MyeloMATCH
Mary Redman, PhD Lung Committee, Lung-MAP
Catherine Tangen, DrPH Genitourinary Committee, NCORP PI
Joseph Unger, PhD Prevention/Epidemiology, Symptom Control/QOL Committees
Riha Vaidya, PhD Symptom Control/QOL Committee, Patient Reported Outcomes
Michael C. Wu, PhD Melanoma, Genitourinary (TM) Committee
Yingqi Zhao, PhD Lung Committee


Analytic Group

Name Committee(s) Email
Katie Arnold, MS Cancer Control Committees
Shay Bellasea, MS Gastrointestinal Committee
Sam Callis, MS Genitourinary Committee, comboMATCH
Sarah Colby, MS Gastrointestinal Committee
Amy Darke, MS Cancer Control Committees
Phyllis Goodman, MS Managing Statistician, PCPT/SELECT
Mia Hsieh, MS Lung, Lung-MAP and Early Therapeutics Committees
Danika Lew, MA Breast and Cancer Control Committees
Hongli Li, MS Melanoma, Lymphoma and Prevention (S1823) Committees
Jieling Miao, MS Breast and Lung Committees
Katie Minichiello, MS Lung Committee (LUNGMAP), iMATCH
James Moon, MS Lung and Melanoma Committees
Anna Moseley, MS Leukemia and Cancer Control Committees
Melissa Plets, MS Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Genitourinary Committees
Cathryn Rankin, MS Coordinating Statistician and ComboMATCH
Cathee Till, MS Cancer Control Committees
Mariam Bah, BA Research Assistant
Jamie Forschmeidt, BS Statistical Unit Assistant - Multiple committees
Allison Hayes, BS Statistical Unit Assistant - Multiple committees
Gabby Lopez, BS Statistical Unit Assistant - Multiple committees


Biostatistics - Other Staff

Name Committee(s) Email
Hong Xiao, PhD Research Associate, Cancer Control Committees hxiao2@fredhutch.or
Xing Hua, PhD Research Associate, Genomic Studies, LUNGMAP


Name Title Email
Tess B. Hurley Research Administrator, Finance Coordinator
Tabatha Cyphers Administrative Assistant


Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) Staff

Name Title Email
Antje Hoering, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer


Data Operations Center - Therapeutics

Name Title Email
Rodney Sutter, CCRP Program Director Therapeutics Data Management
Brian Zeller Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor
Christine Magner Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor
Amy Johnson Quality Assurance Coordinator,
Aubrey Gilmore Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Daria Chugina Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Gabi Herbert Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Hannah Hale Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor
Kevin Moralda Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Larry Kaye Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Laura Wells Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Louise Highleyman Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Matt Gospe Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Michele Counts Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Tonya Johnson Clinical Research Data Coordinator,
Zoie Green Clinical Research Data Coordinator,


Data Operations Center - Prevention

Name Title Email
Monica Yee, CCRP Program Director Prevention Data Management
Roxanne Topacio, CCRP Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor
Kim Carvalho Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Sam Dzingle Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Matthew Eng Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Manny Kharbanda Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Diane Liggett, CCRP Clinical Research Data Coordinator
Caryn Munkers Data Control Technician


Data Management - Other Staff

Name Title Email
Curt Malloy, JD, MPH Chief Operating Officer
Lisa Upshaw, MS, CMQ/OE(ASQ) Director of Quality Compliance
Dona Marrah, CCRP Project Manager, Clinical Monitor
Cassie Villasin Clinical Monitor
Roula Bustami Clinical Monitor
Jamie Sundstrom Recruitment & Retention Specialist



Name Title Email
Antje Hoering, PhD President, Chief Executive Officer, Statistician, Myeloma Committee
John Crowley, PhD Chief of Strategic Alliances
William Barlow, PhD Senior Biostatistician, Breast and Cancer Control Committees
Adam Rosenthal, MS Biostatistician, Myeloma Committee
Julie Fox SAS Programmer
Rachael Sexton, MS Statistician, Myeloma Committee


Applications Development

Name Title Email
Chris Cook, MA Chief Technology Officer
Angela Smith Program Manager – Federal Programs
Rick Dai Systems Analyst, Programmer Supervisor
Dave Law Systems Analyst, Programmer Supervisor
Yoko Rivers Program Manager Applications Development
Greg Auger Applications Development Project Specialist
Teresa Chern Systems Analyst, Programmer
Darlene Davis Reports Analyst, Programmer
Devin Hamid Applications Development Project Specialist
Yoong Kim Systems Analyst, Programmer
Vincent Leung Software Tester
Rick Mize Technical Support Analyst
Taylor Phillips Systems Analyst, Programmer
Matthew Scott Applications Development Project Specialist
Katie Snapinn, MS Reports Analyst, Programmer
Guenther Shepherd Systems Analyst, Programmer


Information Technology

Name Title Email
Chris Cook, MA Chief Technology Officer
Patrick Durham Director of Information Technology
Steve Dong-Lee IT Project Manager
Deborah Sopher IT Software Development Manager
Cody Bass Systems Administrator
Carew Woodbury Systems Administrator
Brent Watkins Senior Systems Engineer
Jane Xie Senior Oracle Database Administrator


Finance & Grants and Contracts

Name Title Email
Damien Mar Chong, MBA Chief Financial Officer


Administrative Services

Name Title Email
Caylene Castagno Administrative Services Manager
Riley Williamson Administrative Specialist



The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research/
SWOG Clinical Trials Partnerships (CTP)

24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Suite 4300K
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: (734) 492-0277
Fax: (734) 998-7181

Name Title Number Email
Jo Horn President and CEO (734) 998-7150
Debbie Allen Director of Finance (734) 998-6890
Morgan Cox Director of Communications and Development (734) 998-6887
Mallory Glenn Development Associate (734) 546-8434
Christine O'Connor Human Resources Manager (734) 998-6883
Danielle Poliski Research Site Coordination Manager

(616) 644-2370
Teri Anderson Senior Accounting Specialist
Mariela Pucci Accounting Specialist (734) 998-7174 
Chris Pustulka Clinical Trial Budget Analyst (734) 369-6738 
Anna Hogan Clinical Trial Budget Analyst (734) 998-6889
Leslie Bechtel SWOG Administrative Coordinator (734) 277-1003