SWOG Cancer Research Network
Group Chair's Office

2611 SW 3rd Avenue MQ280
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 494-5586
Fax: (503) 346-8038


Name Title Phone Number Email
Charles D. Blanke, MD Group Chair (503) 494-5586 oynaxrp/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Valerie Durling Executive Specialist (503) 494-5586 qheyvat/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Nathan Eriksen Chief of Administration  (248) 318-6526 revxfra/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Casey Dawson Assistant Director of Administration (503) 494-5517 qnjfbpn/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Whitney Leslie Administrative Assistant (503) 494-5734



Grants and Contracts

Name Title Phone Number Email
Patricia Mize, MBA Grants and Contracts Manager (503) 418-4533 zvmrc/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Edie Van Putten, JD Lead Attorney (734) 223-9951 rqvr/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Mary E. Briedé, JD Contract Analyst (503) 494-5714 oevrqr/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh

Jennifer E. Franks, JD, PhD

Contract Analyst (503) 494-7479 senaxfw/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh

Financial Administration

Name Title Phone Number Email
Kyle Theige Senior Grants and Contracts Coordinator (503) 494-5514 gurvtr/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh
Leslie Bechtel Administrative Coordinator (503) 494-5732 TZgeniry/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet


Name Title Phone Number Email
Wendy Lawton Communications and Public Relations Manager (503) 348-8675 ynjgbaj/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh


Name Title Phone Number Email
Pat Arlauskas Publications Manager (503) 505-4198 neynhfxc/ng/bufh/qbg/rqh


SWOG Cancer Research Network
Operations Office

4201 Medical Dr., Ste. 250
San Antonio, TX 78229-5631
Phone: 210-614-8808
Fax: 210-614-0006


Name Title Phone Number Email
Dana B. Sparks, MAT Director of Operations and Protocols (210) 614-8808 ext. 1004 qfcnexf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Norbert Strauss Assistant Director of Operations (210) 614-8808 ext. 3153 afgenhff/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Courtney Wille Office Manager and Meetings Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1009 pjvyyr/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

Information Systems

Name Title Phone Number Email
Russell Rudd Information Technology Specialist (210) 614-8808 ext. 1017 eehqq/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Lisa Barnstrom Training Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1006 yoneafgebz/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

Protocol Development

Name Title Phone Number Email
Vanessa Benavidez Clinical Trials Project Manager: Breast, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Gastrointestinal, Lymphoma, Melanoma, and Palliative & End of Life Care Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1008 ioranivqrm/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Sandi Hita Clinical Trials Project Manager: Cancer Care Delivery, Prevention, Leukemia, Survivorship, Myeloma and Genitourinary Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1028 fwuvgn/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Crystal Miwa Clinical Trials Project Manager: Lung-MAP, Lung, Clinical Trial Partnership, and Symptom Control & Quality of Life Committees (210) 614-8808 ext 1019 pzvjn/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Gretchen Goetz Lead Protocol Coordinator, Lung Committee, Clinical Trial Partnership (210) 614-8808 ext. 1002 ttbrgm/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Cara Laubach Lead Protocol Coordinator, Breast and Lymphoma Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1027 pynhonpu/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Danae Campos Protocol Coordinator II, Melanoma and Gastrointestinal Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1022 qpnzcbf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Christy Klepetko Protocol Coordinator II, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers and Palliative & End of Life Care Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 9312 pxyrcrgxb/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Veronica Garcia Protocol Coordinator II, Survivorship and Genitourinary Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 0944 itnepvn/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Laura Gildner Protocol Coordinator II, Lung-MAP trial (210) 614-8808 ext. 1003 ytvyqare/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Mariah Norman Protocol Coordinator II, Lung-MAP trial (210) 614-8808 ext. 1003 zabezna/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Patricia O'Kane Protocol Coordinator II, Prevention and Cancer Care Delivery Committees (210) 614-8808 ext. 1011 cbxnar/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Sonali Tinsley Protocol Coordinator II, Symptom Control & Quality of Life Committee (210) 614-8808 ext. 9311 fgvafyrl/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
TBD Protocol Coordinator II, Leukemia and Myeloma Committees    
Melissa Biddle Protocol Coordinator I (210) 614-8808 ext. 4708 zovqqyr/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Catrina De Los Santos-Mireles Protocol Coordinator I (210) 614-8808 ext 1014 pzveryrf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
TBD Lung-MAP Protocol Coordinator I    
Marilyn Benke Protocol Assistant (210) 614-8808 ext. 1024 zoraxr/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet


Name Title Phone Number Email
Connie Barnes Programs Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1013 ponearf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Leslie Weissenstein Assistant Programs Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1005 yjrvffrafgrva/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Tiffin Despres VA Specialist-Regulatory & Membership (210) 614-8808 ext. 1001 gqrfcerf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Mercedes Paloma Lopez, MA Latin American Specialist (210) 614-8808 ext. 1023 zybcrm/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Khara Stemley Membership Specialist I (210) 614-8808 ext. 1031 xfgrzyrl/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

Quality Assurance

Name Title Phone Number Email
Elaine Armstrong, MS Quality Assurance Manager  (210) 614-8808 ext. 1012 rnezfgebat/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Leanne Larson Assistant Quality Assurance Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1026 yynefba/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Roxann Bates, RN, BSN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 3154 eongrf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Rose Ermete, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1018 erezrgr/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Leslie Garcia Quality Assurance Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1010 ytnepvn/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Laura Gonzales, BSN, MA, RN, OCN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1033 ytbamnyrf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Heather Hillman, RN, BSN, OCN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1032 uuvyyzna/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Michelle Phillips, RN, OCN Quality Assurance Nurse Auditor (210) 614-8808 ext. 1030 zcuvyyvcf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Mary Miller Quality Assurance Associate (210) 614-8808 ext. 1021 zzvyyre/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Landra Priestley Quality Assurance Associate (210) 614-8808 ext. 1016 ycevrfgyrl/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

Serious Adverse Events

Name Title Phone Number Email
Kari Williams, RN SAE Program Manager (210) 614-8808 ext. 1020 xjvyyvnzf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet
Patricia Felts, RN SAE Coordinator (210) 614-8808 ext. 1015 csrygf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet


SWOG Cancer Research Network
Statistics and Data Management Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1100 Fairview Avenue North, M3-C102
Seattle, WA 98109-1024
Phone: 206-667-4623
Fax: 206-667-4408

Cancer Research And Biostatistics
1505 Westlake Ave N, Ste 750
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-652-9711


Fred Hutch Staff

Name Title Email
Michael LeBlanc, PhD Director zyroynap/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Catherine Tangen, DrPH Deputy Director pgnatra/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Garnet Anderson, PhD Associate Director for Prevention and Control tnearg/ng/juv/qbg/bet

Biostatistics - Faculty

Name Committee(s) Email
Garnet Anderson, PhD Cancer Control Committees tnearg/ng/juv/qbg/bet
William Barlow, PhD Breast and Cancer Control Committees jvyyvnzo/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Katherine Guthrie, PhD GI Cancer and Cancer Survivorship Committees xthguevr/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Antje Hoering, PhD Myeloma Committee nagwru/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Michael LeBlanc, PhD Lymphoma Committee zyroynap/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Megan Othus, PhD Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Leukemia and Melanoma Committees zbguhf/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Mary Redman, PhD Lung Committee zerqzna/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Catherine Tangen, DrPH Genitourinary Committee pgnatra/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Joseph Unger, PhD Cancer Control Committees whatre/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Michael C. Wu, PhD Melanoma and Genitourinary Committees zpjh/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Yingqi Zhao, PhD Lung Committee ldmunb/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet


Statistical Research Associates

Name Committee(s) Email
Katie Arnold, MS Cancer Control Committees xneabyq/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Amy Darke, MS Cancer Control Committees nqnexr/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Mai Duong, MS Gastrointestinal and Breast Committees zqhbat/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Phyllis Goodman, MS Managing Statistician ctbbqzna/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Katie Minichiello, MS Lung Committee xzvav/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Danika Lew, MA Breast and Cancer Control Committees qyrj/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Hongli Li, MS Melanoma and Lymphoma Committees ubatyv/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Edward Mayerson, MS Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Genitourinary Committees rznlrefb/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Jieling Miao, MS Breast and Lung Committees wzvnb/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
James Moon, MS Lung and Melanoma Committees wzbba/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Anna Moseley, MS Leukemia and Cancer Control Committees nzbfryrl/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Melissa Plets, MS Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers, Genitourinary Committees zcyrgf/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Lu Qian, MS Melanoma and Lung Committees ydvna/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Cathryn Rankin, MS Coordinating Statistician penaxva/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Cathee Till, MS Cancer Control Committees pgvyy/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet


Biostatistics - Other Staff

Name Committee(s) Email
Mariama Bah, BA Statistical Unit Assisstant zonu/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet

Van Nghiem, PhD

Post Doc, Cancer Control Committees iatuvrz/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Riha Vaidya, PhD Staff Scientist, Cancer Control Committees eeinvqln/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet


Name Title Number Email
Tess B. Hurley Research Administrator, Finance Coordinator (206) 667-6970 guheyrl/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet
Tiffany Vo Administrative Coordinator (206) 667-2705 gib/ng/serquhgpu/qbg/bet


Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) Staff

Name Title Email
Antje Hoering, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer nagwru/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Data Operations Center - Therapeutics

Name Title Email
Rodney Sutter, CCRP Program Director Therapeutics Data Management ebqarlf/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Brian Zeller Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor oevnam/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Christine McLeod Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor puevfz/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Tracy Maher, CCRP Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor genplz/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Sewan Gurung Clinical Research Data Coordinator oernfgdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, tvdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Joni Harris Quality Assurance Coordinator yhatdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Jourdain Hayward Clinical Research Data Coordinator zrynabzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, energhzbef/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Louise Highleyman Clinical Research Data Coordinator yrhxrzvndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, yhatdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Jeri Jardine Clinical Research Data Coordinator ylzcubzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, zlrybzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Larry Kaye Clinical Research Data Coordinator oernfgdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, yhatdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Vicky Kim Clinical Research Data Coordinator thdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, zrynabzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Laura Kingsbury, MRT Quality Assurance Coordinator



Sean O’Bryan Clinical Research Data Coordinator thdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, zlrybzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Joseph Sanchez Clinical Research Data Coordinator thdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Jacqueline Scurlock Clinical Research Data Coordinator oernfgdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, tvdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Iris Syquia Clinical Research Data Coordinator oernfgdhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet, ylzcubzndhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Data Operations Center - Prevention

Name Title Email
Monica Yee, CCRP Program Director Prevention Data Management zbavpnl/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Roxanne Topacio, CCRP Clinical Research Data Operations Supervisor ebknaarg/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Kimberly Carvalho Clinical Research Data Coordinator pnaprepbagebydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Sam Dzingle Data Project Assistant pnaprepbagebydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Diane Liggett Clinical Research Data Coordinator pnaprepbagebydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Caryn Munkers Data Control Technician pnaprepbagebydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Data Management - Other Staff

Name Title Email
Curt Malloy, JD, MPH Chief Operating Officer phegz/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Jennifer Maeser, MS Clinical Trials Recruitment and Retention Specialist wraavsrez/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Sarah Basse Clinical Research Project Manager fnenuo/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Dona Marrah, CCRP Project Manager, Clinical Monitor qbanz/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Monica Chioke Clinical Monitor zbavpnp/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Kelechi Nzeh                      Clinical Monitor xryrpuva/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Sara Yohannes Clinical Monitor fnenl/ng/peno/qbg/bet



Name Title Email
Antje Hoering, PhD President, Chief Executive Officer, Statistician, Myeloma Committee nagwru/ng/peno/qbg/bet
John Crowley, PhD Chief of Strategic Alliances wbuap/ng/peno/qbg/bet
William Barlow, PhD Senior Biostatistician, Breast and Cancer Control Committees jvyyvnzo/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Kari Chansky, MS Biostatistician, Myeloma Committee xnevp/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Julie Fox SAS Programmer whyvrs/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Rachael Sexton, MS Statistician, Myeloma Committee enpunryf/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Applications Development

Name Title Email
Keith Goodman, DBA Chief Technology Officer xrvgut/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Chris Cook, MA Director of Applications Development puevfp/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Angela Smith Program Manager – Federal Programs natrynf/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Dave Law Systems Analyst, Programmer Supervisor qniry/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Yoko Rivers Program Manager Applications Development lbxbe/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Dani Weatherbee Applications Development Project Manager qnavj/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Becca Anderson Applications Development Project Specialist orppnn/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Rick Dai Systems Analyst, Programmer grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Darlene Davis Systems Analyst, Programmer grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Devin Hamid Applications Development Project Specialist qrivau/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Taylor Joosten Applications Development Project Specialist gnlybew/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Yoong Kim Systems Analyst, Programmer grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Vincent Leung Software Tester grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Rick Mize Technical Support Analyst grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Alex Nelson Applications Development Project Specialist nyrka/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Taylor Phillips Systems Analyst, Programmer grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Matthew Scott Applications Development Project Specialist znggf/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Information Technology

Name Title Email
Keith Goodman, DBA Chief Technology Officer xrvgut/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Patrick Durham Director of Information Technology cngevpxq/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Steve Dong-Lee IT Project Manager grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Terry Lynch Senior Systems Engineer grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Deborah Sopher IT Software Development Manager grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Cody Bass System Support Specialist grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Neil Cebara Network Administrator arvyp/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Carew Haug System Support Specialist grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Brent Watkins Systems Administrator grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Jane Xie Senior Oracle Database Administrator grpuavpnydhrfgvba/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Finance & Grants and Contracts

Name Title Email
Bill Charters, MBA Vice President, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer ovyyp/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Tammy Buist, MBA Vice President, Secretary, Chief Business Development Officer gnzzlo/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Doug Mounce Grants & Contracts Manager qbhtz/ng/peno/qbg/bet


Administrative Services

Name Title Email
Patricia Ware Administrative Services Manager cngevpvnj/ng/peno/qbg/bet
Caylene Castagno Administrative Specialist pnlyrarp/ng/peno/qbg/bet



The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research/
SWOG Clinical Trials Partnerships (CTP)

24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Suite 3600A
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: (734) 998-6888
Fax: (734) 998-7181

Name Title Number Email
Jo Horn, MSW President and CEO (734) 998-7150 wb/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Debbie Allen Accounting and Financial Manager (734) 998-6890 qroovr/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
    (734) 998-6888  
Morgan Cox Director of Communications and Development (734) 998-6887   zbetna/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Kaitie Derby Development Associate (734) 277-1003


Tameka Lewis Clinical Trial Budget Analyst (734) 998-6889 gnzrxn/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Christine O'Connor Human Resources Coordinator (734) 998-6883 puevfgvar/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet
Chris Pustulka Clinical Trial Budget Analyst (734) 369-6738 puevf/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet