SWOG Cancer Research Network Meetings

Fall 2023 Meeting Registration & Information

Since 1978, SWOG Cancer Research Network hosts meetings twice yearly in order for members to share ideas, work on trial concepts or ongoing studies, hear about the latest tools and approaches in cancer clinical research, and determine future research directions for the group. There is no registration fee for these meetings, and they are a major benefit of SWOG membership.

Presentations from Previous Meetings

Hyatt Regency Chicago

Fall 2023 Hybrid Group Meeting

Upcoming Group Meetings

Spring 2024 SWOG Group Meeting

April 3-6, 2024

Seattle, Washington

Special Sessions

April 3-6
Group Meeting
April 3
CRA Clinical Trials Training Course
April 4
Plenary I; Exhibits
April 5
Plenary II; Exhibits


Additional Future Group Meeting Dates

Courtney Wille \n SWOG Meetings Manager
Courtney Wille \n SWOG Meetings Manager

Fall 2024 
October 16-19, 2024
Chicago, IL

2025 Group Meetings
April 30-May 3, 2025
San Francisco, CA

September 17-20, 2025
Chicago, IL

2026 Group Meetings
April 29-May 2, 2026
San Francisco, CA

October 7-10, 2026
Chicago, IL

2027 Group Meetings
April 14-17, 2027
San Francisco, CA

October 13-16, 2027
Chicago, IL

2028 Group Meetings 
April 5-8, 2028
San Francisco, CA

October 4-7, 2028
Chicago, IL