Spring 2023 Oncology Research Professionals Resources

The May 2023 Oncology Resource Professional Meetings (Site Operations, Jeri & Noburu Oishi, and Open Forum) resources are accessible below.  Recordings will be added when they become available (anticipated late May 2023).

Information from other SWOG Spring 2023 meetings is accessible from Spring 2023 SWOG Hybrid Group Meeting.

Site Operations Jeri & Noburu Oishi Symposium Open Forum


Site Operations

The May 2023 Site Operations agenda and slides are accessible below. 

Jeri & Noburu Oishi Symposium

The May 2023 Jeri and Noboru Oishi Symposium agenda and slides are accessible below. 

  • Agenda
  • Jeri & Noburu Oishi Slides 
  • SWOG Spring 2023 Jeri & Noburu Oishi Symposium (Full Meeting and Individual Presentation) Recordings:
    • Spring 2023 Jeri & Noburu Oishi Full Meeting Recording
    • SWOG as a Sponsor: Perspectives & Insights
    • S2012 Protocol Development Story
    • NCI Perspective
    • Site Perspectives on Feasibility, Regulatory and Recordkeeping
    • Importance of the Community Perspective - Interface & Input
    • Site Perspectives on Protocol Implementation
    • Site Perspectives on Quality Assurance, Queries, Institutional Performance Reports and "Keeping it Compliant'
    • Patient Perspective: What it's like to be on a clinical trial
    • Ensuring the trial story is told from first idea to published manuscript
    • Closing remarks

Open Forum

The May 2023 ORP Open Forum resource handouts from the in-person meeting are accessible below. Since this meeting was not hosted in a hybrid format, there is not an accompanying slide set or recording for subsequent reference.