Travel Support

SWOG Cancer Research Network and The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research provide generous travel support to group members, invited speakers, and meeting guests.

Group Chair's Office (federal)

  • MAD Money: Modality and Discipline Travel Support Program
    SWOG is interested in supporting a wide cross-section of disciplines and treatment modalities to ensure robust input into the group's developing clinical trials. Recognizing that travel to SWOG group meetings - a key venue for interaction among SWOG investigators - is not always financially supported by institutions, we are providing a mechanism to help support meeting travel costs for investigators who are not medical oncologists.

    The SWOG MaD Travel Money program provides successful applicants with coach-class air transportation and two nights standard lodging at the meeting facility. The program is open to investigators from disciplines other than hematology/oncology, such as surgeons, radiation oncologists, cardiologists, pharmacists, and general practitioners with oncology research experience.

    Program applications for the Fall 2021 SWOG Group Meeting in Chicago are accepted until 4 p.m. PST, Tuesday, September 7, 2021. To apply for MaD funding, please visit the following link and complete the online form.  All fields, as well as a biosketch is required before submitting your form:  SWOG MaD Webform
  • Committee Chairs
    SWOG provides travel funding to the leadership of various committees including disease, prevention, and administrative committees. These funds are available to cover coach airfare, hotel room expense, meals, and/or ground transportation (consistent with SWOG requirements set forth on the official reimbursement form).
  • Invited Speakers
    SWOG provides funding for invited speakers to the semi-annual SWOG Group Meeting. Funds are available for each committee to invite one approved speaker per Group Meeting. Funds are also available for Plenary speakers. This support is designed for invited speakers who are non-SWOG members. These funds can be applied towards coach airfare, hotel room expenses (up to 2 nights), meals, and/or ground transportation (consistent with SWOG requirements set forth on the official reimbursement form).
  • Institutional Funding
    Travel funds are also available for select SWOG membership sites to send approved travelers to SWOG’s semi-annual Group Meetings. The amount of travel funding available to certain sites depends on their membership status and accrual average over the last three calendar years. Sites that receive funding can allocate their funds as they choose; however, their allocation and coordination must fall within the standard SWOG travel policies outlined on the official reimbursement form. Funding for approved site travelers can be applied to coach airfare, hotel room expense, meals, and/or ground transportation.

    Travel Reimbursement Form: This form is for pre-approved travel only. Pre-approved travelers will receive a SWOG email about their group meeting travel on the day meeting registration opens. If you have a question about whether your group meeting travel is covered, please contact SWOG at TZgeniry/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet.
     To download the form, available to invited travelers only, find it here.
Kyle Theige
Kyle Theige \n Grants & Contracts Coordinator


For questions about the mechanisms above, contact:
Leslie Bechtel TZgeniry/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet, (503) 494-5732

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research (non-federal)

  • BOG Travel Support
    Funding provided for the travel of current members of the SWOG Board of Governors in order to facilitate participation in the SWOG BOG and group meeting each spring and fall. Restrictions apply.
  • Committee Funds
    SWOG disease, research, and administrative committee chairs are provided the opportunity to request up to $15,000 annually to support committee efforts at group meetings not currently funded by the NCTN or NCORP grants.
  • Grantees
    The Hope Foundation offers travel support for a number of its grant awards recipients. Individual recipients are notified of support.
Morgan Cox
Morgan Cox \n The Hope Foundation


For Hope Foundation travel support questions, contact:
Morgan Cox zbetna/ng/gurubcrsbhaqngvba/qbg/bet, (734) 998-6887