With time at a premium for health care workers and support staff, we are sharing this list of key resources for our cancer clinical trials community. We welcome your comments and suggestions at pbzzhavpngvbaf/ng/fjbt/qbg/bet

This list will not be updated July 27 through August 9.

SWOG Communications

*LATEST Memorandum June 26, 2020 SWOG COVID-19 Diagnosis and Protocol Deviations Form

*LATEST Form June 26, 2020 PDF Version of SWOG COVID-19 Diagnosis and Protocol Deviations Form

Memorandum June 16, 2020 NRG Oncology Reopens Serum Bank

Memorandum June 15, 2020 Interim COVID-19 Guidance for SWOG Trials

SWOG Lab and Bank Status July 20, 2020

SWOG COVID Deviation Log in PDF form April 27, 2020

SWOG Active Protocol Specimen Guidance April 24, 2020

Site Memorandum April 20, 2020 SWOG COVID-19 for Eligibility Visits and H&P Assessments

Site Memorandum April 20, 2020 SWOG COVID-19 Deviation Guidance

Site Memorandum April 15, 2020 Updated Guidance for SWOG Trials

Site Memorandum March 24, 2020 Guidance for SWOG Trials During COVID-19 Pandemic

Front Line: Strategic SWOG Studies Stay Strong July 24, 2020

Front Line: Lung Committee on a Trial Activation Roll July 17, 2020

Front Line: (Re-)Mark Your Calendars for the SWOG Fall Meeting July 10, 2020

Front Line: "Best of SWOG at ASCO" Webinar Next Week July 3, 2020

For Cancer Physicians, Investigators, and Site Staff

*LATEST CTEP Shipment of Oral IND Agents Site Memorandum June 2, 2020 

CIRB Updated FAQ April 22, 2020

American College of Surgeons March 21, 2020 COVID19 Guidance and Resources

American Medical Association Resources to Physicians Regarding Coronavirus March 20, 2020

American Society of Clinical Oncology Coronavirus Resources March 20, 2020
One Site for Clinical Care, Policy Updates, Meeting and More

American Society for Radiation Oncology March 16, 2020 Guidance and Resources

Association of Community Cancer Centers March 27, 2020 Coronavirus Response

COVID-19 Treatment Hub April 15, 2020 Info compilation on COVID-19 studies testing vaccines and drugs

National Cancer Institute Joint Meeting of Scientific Board of Advisors & National Cancer Advisory Board
April 9, 2020
Dr. Ned Sharpless slide presentation
Dr. Doug Lowy slide presentation
Dr. James Doroshow slide presentation

National Cancer Institute COVID-19 Guidance for Extramural and Intramural Research NCI's March 13 and March 23 interim guidance memos, as well as other statements and updates, can be found on that site, and also here

National Institutes of Health Guidance March 16, 2020 NIH-Funded Clinical Trials and Human Subjects Studies

National Comprehensive Cancer Network March 24, 2020 COVID-19 Resources

Oncology Nursing Society March 20, 2020 Interim Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic

U.S. Food & Drug Administration FINAL Guidance March 2020 On Conducting Clinical Trials During Pandemic

U.S. FDA Oncology Center of Excellence March 23, 2020 COVID-19 Message

For Cancer Patients

ASCO Cancer.Net What People With Cancer Need to Know by Dr. Merry Jennifer Markham

ASCO Cancer.Net Common Questions About Coronavirus and Cancer: Answers for Patients and Survivors

Cancer Support Community What Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers Need

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention How to Protect Yourself

National Cancer Institute Coronavirus: What People With Cancer Should Know

National Cancer Institute Emergency Resources for the Cancer Community

National Institutes of Health Health Information on Coronavirus

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health: Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation in an Infectious Disease Outbreak

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VA Response to Coronavirus for Patients Receiving VA Care

Cancer Research and COVID-19

ASCO Survey on COVID-19 in Oncology Registry April 13, 2020 All U.S. Practices Can Enroll for Real-Time and Long-Term Data on Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care

COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium Data Collection on Cancer Patients Infected with COVID-19

Journal of the American Medical Association Latest Results on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New England Journal of Medicine COVID-19: NEJM Journal Watch Coverage

PubMed Free Access to Articles From Highly Accessed Journals, Including Research on COVID-19

Science Magazine Research, Evidence, and Data on COVID-19 March 24, 2020 Free access to literature

Oncology News

LATEST: MedPage Today July 24, 2020 COVID-19 More Deadly Than Cancer Itself?

LATEST: TIME magazine July 23, 2020 As Coronavirus Continues to Spread in the U.S., the Clinical Trials Cancer Patients Rely on Are Disappearing

ABC News June 24, 2020 Pause in Cancer Treatments May Cause Another Public Heath Crisis

Cancer Network July 14, 2020 Emotional Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Psycho-Oncology Perspective

Harvard Business Review July 16, 2020 When a Cancer Patient Tests Positive for COVID-19

Kaiser Health News July 8, 2020 Fearing The Deadly Combo of COVID-19 and Cancer

NCI Cancer Currents June 29, 2020 Responding to Coronavirus, Researchers Reimagine Clinical Trials

Scientific American July 9, 2020 COVID-19 Is Forcing Us to Rethink Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatments

TIME magazine June 29, 2020 Coronavirus Could Upend Cancer Trends in the U.S.