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A Phase III Trial of Cisplatin/Etoposide/Radiotherapy with Consolidation Docetacel followed by Maintenance Therapy with ZD1839 (NSC-715055) or Placebo in Patients with Inoperable Locally Advanced Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Abbreviated Title
Cis/VP-16/RT/Consol. Doc followed by ZD1839/Placebo /IIIA & selected IIIB NSCLC
NCORP, Members, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, NCCTG, NCIC-CTG, EPP, CTSU

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Lung Cancer


Cisplatin Docetaxel Etoposide Radiation Therapy ZD1839

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Pts. must have histologic or cytologic-proven newly diagnosed single, primary unresectable IIIA or IIIB NSCLC. If IIIA (N2): N2-proven by biopsy; + node on FDG-PET: Nodes > 3cm on CT or paralyzed L true vocal cord w/separate primary distinct from AP window nodes on CT. If IIIB: N3-proven biopsy of supraclavicular or contralateral mediastinal nodes; contralateral nodes > 3 cm on CT; node + by FDG-PET; or R primary w/paralyzed L true vocal cord. If T4: Tumor of any size invading mediastinum, heart, great vessels, trachea, esophagus, vertebral body or carina; or radiographic soft tissue extension into mediastinal space. Pts. w/brain mets are ineligible. Pts. w/2 or more parenchymal lesions on same or opposite sides of the lung are ineligible. Pts. must not have malignant pleural effusions (except pleural effusions visible only on CT scan and not on CXR or deemed too small to tap), pericardial effusions or positive cervical nodes. Pts. must not have had prior chemo, RT for lung cancer, previous surgical resection except to diagnose stage or uncontrolled DM or cardiac disease. Pts. must have creatinine clearance of >= 50 cc/min., FEV1 >= 2.0 L, or predicted FEV1 of the contralateral lung > 800ml; WBC >= 3,000, ANC >= 1,500 and PLTS >=100,000. Pts. must be offered participation in S9925 -Lung Cancer Specimen Repository.

This study has been approved by NCI's Central Institutional Review Board.

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SWOG Clinical Trial Number
SWOG Clinical Trial Number