ASCO’s annual meeting is just a couple of weeks out, and SWOG will have a banner year at the event. A total of 22 SWOG-led abstracts will be presented, the largest number in recent memory. This number includes five oral presentations, four poster discussions, and 13 posters. And there are another 14 abstracts with significant SWOG representation that are co-led with other groups or are led by other groups. Here's the complete list of 36 abstracts, SWOG-led and others, with links.

To celebrate our success, and to allow those of you who can’t make it to the show itself in Chicago a chance to catch some of these great presentations, we’ll be hosting our third “Best of SWOG” webinar this summer. Details are coming soon!

Here are the five oral abstracts on SWOG-led work that will be presented at the ASCO meeting in June (listed chronologically by delivery date and time):

  • “Overall survival from a phase II randomized study of ramucirumab plus pembrolizumab versus standard of care for advanced non–small cell lung cancer previously treated with immunotherapy: Lung-MAP nonmatched sub-study S1800A.”
    Presenter: Karen L. Reckamp, MD
    Friday, June 3, 3:12 pm ET – Abstract 9004 – Session: Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Metastatic
  • “EVEREST: Everolimus for renal cancer ensuing surgical therapy—A phase III study (SWOG S0931, NCT01120249).”
    Presenter: Christopher W. Ryan, MD
    Friday, June 3, 3:45 pm ET – Abstract LBA4500 – Session: Genitourinary Cancer—Kidney and Bladder
  • “Cell-free DNA methylation as a predictive biomarker of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer in SWOG S1314.”
    Presenter: Thomas W. Flaig, MD
    Friday, June 3, 5:45 pm ET – Abstract 4506 – Session: Genitourinary Cancer—Kidney and Bladder
  • “The Medicaid expansion of the Affordable Care Act and participation of patients with Medicaid in cancer clinical trials.”
    Presenter: Joseph M. Unger, PhD
    Saturday, June 4, 3:39 pm ET – Abstract 6505 – Session: Health Services Research and Quality Improvement
  • “Neoadjuvant PD-1 blockade in patients with resectable desmoplastic melanoma (SWOG 1512).”
    Presenter: Kari Lynn Kendra, MD, PhD
    Sunday, June 5, 11:09 am ET – Abstract 9502 – Session: Melanoma/Skin Cancers

Oral abstracts tend to garner the lion’s share of attention, but there’s lots more great SWOG-led work to educate yourself on in poster sessions and discussions. As an aid to help you plan your schedule, here’s a list:

  • “SWOG S2012: Randomized phase II/III trial of first line platinum/etoposide with or without atezolizumab (Nsc#783608) in patients with poorly differentiated extrapulmonary small cell neuroendocrine carcinomas (NEC).”
    Presenter: David Bing Zhen, MD
    Poster session – Abstract TPS4179, Saturday, June 4, 9 am ET
  • “Follow-up analysis of the randomized phase II trial of bortezomib, lenalidomide, dexamethasone with/without elotuzumab for newly diagnosed, high risk multiple myeloma (SWOG-1211).”
    Presenter: Saad Zafar Usmani, MD, MBA
    Poster session – Abstract 8054, Saturday, June 4, 9 am ET
  • “National impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical trial staff attrition:  Results of the SWOG Cancer Research Network survey of Oncology Research Professionals.”
    Presenter: Don S. Dizon, MD
    Poster session – Abstract 11049, Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm ET
  • “Association of DNA damage response (DDR) gene alterations (alts) and response to neoadjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy (chemo) in muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) patients (pts) enrolled onto SWOG S1314.”
    Presenter: Gopa Iyer, MD
    Poster session – Abstract 4522, Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm ET
  • “S1314 Correlative analysis of ATM, RB1, ERCC2 and FANCC mutations and pathologic complete response (pT0) at cystectomy after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) in patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC): implications for bladder preservation.”
    Presenter: Elizabeth R. Plimack, MD, MS
    Poster session – Abstract 4581, Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm ET
  • “A pragmatic cluster-randomized trial of a computerized clinical decision support system to improve colony stimulating factor prescribing for cancer patients receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy (SWOG S1415CD).”
    Presenter: Scott D. Ramsey, MD, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract 1525, Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm ET
  • “A phase III randomized trial of eribulin (E) with or without gemcitabine vs standard of care (SOC) for metastatic urothelial carcinoma (UC) refractory to or ineligible for PD/PDL1 antibody (Ab): SWOG S1937 ( NCT04579224).”
    Presenter: Sarmad Sadeghi, MD, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract TPS4608, Saturday, June 4, 2:15 pm ET
  • “A pragmatic cluster-randomized trial of a standing physician order entry intervention for colony stimulating factor use among patients at intermediate risk for febrile neutropenia (SWOG S1415CD).”
    Presenter: Dawn L. Hershman, MD, MS
    Poster discussion – Abstract 1518, Saturday, June 4, 5:30 pm ET
  • “Differences in clinician and patient assessment of baseline neuropathy in patients receiving taxane-based chemotherapy enrolled to SWOG S1714 (NCT# 03939481).”
    Presenter: Meghna S. Trivedi, MD, MS
    Poster discussion – Abstract 12024, Saturday, June 4, 5:30 pm ET
  • “Impact of social media on the wellness of pediatric and adult oncologists: A SWOG and COG survey.”
    Presenter: Scott A. Moerdler, MD
    Poster discussion – Abstract 11013, Saturday, June 4, 5:30 pm ET
  • “Vitamin D Insufficiency as a Peripheral Neuropathy Risk Factor in White and Black Patients in SWOG 0221.”
    Presenter: Ciao-Sin Chelsea Chen, MD, PhD
    Poster discussion – Abstract 12023, Saturday, June 4, 5:30 pm ET
  • “Prediction of pathologic complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer (SWOG S0800) using image analysis-based tumor infiltrating lymphocyte measurements.”
    Presenter: Kim Blenman, PhD, MS
    Poster session – Abstract 594, Monday, June 6, 9 am ET
  • “Dynamic changes in serum analyte levels associated with clinical outcome in squamous cell lung cancer trial SWOG Lung-MAP S1400I of nivolumab + ipilimumab.”
    Presenter: Edgar Gonzalez-Kozlova, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract 9044, Monday, June 6, 9 am ET
  • “A phase II study of talazoparib plus avelumab in patients with stage IV or recurrent non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer bearing pathogenic STK11 genomic alterations (SWOG S1900C, LUNG-MAP SUB-STUDY, NCT#04173507).”
    Presenter: Ferdinandos Skoulidis, MD, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract 9060, Monday, June 6, 9 am ET
  • “Multi-omics profiling reveals molecular and immune features associated with benefit from immunotherapy for previously treated stage IV or recurrent squamous cell lung cancer patients from the phase III SWOG LungMAP S1400I trial.”
    Presenter: Edwin R. Parra, MD, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract 9046, Monday, June 6, 9 am ET
  • “Bone biomarkers and subsequent survival in men with hormone sensitive prostate cancer: results from SWOG S1216, a phase III trial of ADT with or without orteronel.”
    Presenter: Primo “Lucky” N. Lara, Jr., MD
    Poster session – Abstract 5071, Monday, June 6, 2:15 pm ET
  • “Representativeness of patients enrolled in the Lung Cancer Master Protocol (Lung-MAP).”
    Presenter: Riha Vaidya, PhD
    Poster session – Abstract 6543, Monday, June 6, 2:15 pm ET

All but one of these abstracts should be posted to the ASCO website on May 26th (the one holdout will be the late-breaking abstract, to be posted a few days later). We’ll be issuing a number of press releases on them when they are.

The breadth and depth of SWOG research never fails to astonish me. I extend my congratulations and thanks to all of our members who have had a hand in conducting the SWOG works that will be reported in Chicago.


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