I’m from Chicago, which is one reason going to the ASCO meeting every year feels great. As I get the latest news and smartest insights on cancer research, I also have the opportunity to see friends and colleagues from around the globe. Without naming names and sparking WWIII among the group, I also get the world’s best pizza.

As important to me now: SWOG Cancer Research Network has a good showing – again – for the 2019 meeting. We will see 29 SWOG presentations on every topic from bladder cancer and rare neoplasm therapies to the financial impacts of cancer care and the effectiveness of text messaging to improve drug adherence.  We’ve got 16 presentations on SWOG trial results - four of them oral. Not chopped liver.
You can find details on our top trial presentations in our press release.

I have to call out Dr. Dawn Hershman, vice chair for our NCORP portfolio. Our NCORP showing is particularly strong at ASCO 2019, and Dawn herself is giving two of the four oral presentations on SWOG-led trials. Nice work!
To see a full list of all 29 SWOG presentations at ASCO, go to this page on SWOG.org. Our publications manager, Pat Arlauskas, compiled a table with links to abstracts, as well as dates, times, and locations for all presentations.
Here are some other handy resources from ASCO:

  • Late registrations can be completed here.
  • Plan your daily schedule here.
  • Search and download abstracts here.
  • Connect with colleagues by using the participant search and messaging tool here.
  • Go to this pizza restaurant. NOPE!

My congratulations to all the SWOG presenters, and the teams that helped them get there. See you in Chicago!

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