The idea of a producing a dashboard of SWOG resources surfaced at the San Francisco committee chair’s retreat last month. Our chairs wanted to know what people and programs, data and money their teams and members have available, to help them start, run, and close SWOG trials.

We are already working on that dashboard. In the meantime, I want to share key resources available to you now on Spoiler alert: Most of these resources reside in the members-only portion of our site. This means you need to log in. And to log in, you need credentials. To find out how to get them, visit this help page on the SWOG website.

Once you’re in and on, you’ll see that the newly-redesigned site is loaded with information to help you navigate SWOG and manage your trials:

- Accrual resources. Back in November, I catalogued here in Front Line a long list of accrual resources we provide to members. I promised these would go up on We’ve made good. You can find that list here.

- Data. features three major search engines – one tool for SWOG trials, one for SWOG publications, and finally, a directory of SWOG members . You can find daily accrual reports on all SWOG trials here and the complete report of studies here.

Contract and budget assistance. We’ve got a whole team that can help you seek and secure supplemental NIH funding for your SWOG trial, to help with trial budgets and contracts, and to advise on agreements regarding SWOG biospecimens. To learn more, visit this page.

Hope funding opportunities. All on a single page – every available foundation source of support for research, career development, and community support can be found

Logos and PowerPoint template. Creating a poster or a presentation on a SWOG trial and need guidance? Visit
this page to get presentation tools and refresh your memory regarding our publications policy.  

- Policies and procedures. The SWOG mission, bylaws, key job descriptions, and guidelines on everything from conflict of interest to intellectual property can be found on this page.

- Staff directory. If you need to find anyone in the group chair’s office in Portland, the statistics and data management center in Seattle, the operations office in San Antonio, or at The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research, you can find a complete list of names, titles, emails, and phone numbers on this page.

Patient advocates. Want to know an advocate on your committee, or find out more about the role advocates play at SWOG? Check out our roster of 20, with complete bios, and view our advocate resource guide on
this page.

There’s plenty more, so I encourage you to visit ASAP. My thanks to Communications Director Wendy Lawton for compiling all this. And I will close with links to two pretty informative videos – one on our impact and one on our value. Enjoy!