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Standard Dose Versus Myeloablative Therapy For Previously Untreated Symptomatic Multiple Myeloma

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Previously Untreated MM
NCORP, Limited Institutions: SWOG Approved Autologous BMT Facilities, Members, ECOG, CALGB

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Cyclophosphamide Prednisone BCNU Cyclosporine Filgrastim Intron A Melphalan Mesna Methotrexate VAD

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Newly diagnosed active Multiple Myeloma (MM); smoldering myeloma allowed if evidence of progressive disease requiring chemo.; protein criteria must be present; non-secretory patients are eligible if the patient has > or = 30% plasmacytosis; no prior chemo. for myeloma; prior RT for isolated plasmacytomas allowed if cumulative total doses do not exceed limits specified in protocol; patients must < / or = 70 years of age; SWOG PS 0-2 (but PS of 3-4 is allowed if based solely on bone pain); submission of pre-treatment bone marrow aspirate, paraffin block, and serum is mandatory; no significant co-morbid medical conditions, or uncontrolled life-threatening infection or uncontrolled diabetes allowed; patient must have adequate cardiac function, no history of COPD or chronic cerebral vascular accident; patients with renal failure, even if on dialysis, are eligible if it is felt to be due to the myeloma and if duration of renal failure does not exceed 2 months; financial clearance for transplant must be obtained prior to randomization.

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