Specimen Tracking and Documentation Requirements

Unless otherwise indicated in the protocol, follow the documentation and tracking instructions accessible from the links below.

Specimen Collection and Processing Instructions

Important Notes:

  1. EACH page of supporting documents must be labeled with the SWOG Participant ID number and participant initials, which must be in L, FM format. 
  2. For specimens being shipped to the SWOG Biospecimen Bank: All dates must be in MM/DD/YYYY format, if written numerically.
  3. Document missing or partial specimen submission in the Specimen Tracking System (STS).
    • If a specimen was not collected / is not available for submission, this must be documented via the Notify Specimen Cannot be Submitted link in the STS.
    • If only a partial submission is submitted (e.g., limited slides available), this must be documented in the STS, as indicated in the instructions provided here.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated in the protocol, the STS Packing List must be included (packaged) with all specimen submissions.
  5. The pathology report(s) corresponding to the tissue removal surgery must be included with each shipment of tissue. Pathology reports must be redacted as indicated here