Specimen Collection and Processing Instructions

Unless otherwise indicated in the protocol, collect and process specimens as outlined in the instructions accessible from the links below. 

Important Notes:

  • Prior to specimen collection: Verify that the collection tube/container (e.g., for blood, bone marrow, etc.) will not expire prior to receipt by the SWOG Biospecimen Bank (or protocol-designated laboratory).
  • Always refer to the protocol for specimen collection and processing instructions.
    • When the protocol does not provide instructions (or refers to the SWOG website for specimen instructions), follow the guidelines linked below.
  • The pathology report(s) corresponding to the tissue removal surgery must be included with each shipment of tissue. Pathology reports must be redacted as indicated here.

Collection and Handling Instructions for FFPE Tissue, Snap-Frozen Tissue and Bone Marrow Biopsy Cores

Blood Collection and Processing Instructions

Bone Marrow Aspirate Collection and Processing Instructions