Required Lung-MAP Training

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Training Slides

Each institution is required to have a member view the Background, Study Logistics, and the most recent revision slides sets before enrolling patients to the Lung-MAP study. To obtain credit for completing the training, please complete the short form at the bottom of this page, once the slides have been viewed. A training confirmation will then be displayed. This page serves as acknowledgement from SWOG that your site has completed the required training. Please print the confirmation page so you can upload it via CTSU Regulatory Submission Portal and receive credit for completing the training.

Background: This slide deck provides an overview of the design and motivation for the Lung-MAP trial.

Study Logistics: This slide deck provides an overview of the logistics for participation in Lung-MAP.

Revisions: Each revision slide deck contains an overview of the study design, eligibility criteria, and updates to the design and eligibility for Lung-MAP when the revision took place.



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