SWOG is committed to supporting investigators early in their clinical research careers. Established in 1999, the SWOG Young Investigator Training Course (YITC) is the hallmark program for its early career members. In this audio selection, Jill and Joshua describe their experience with the YITC, how it helped advance their work within SWOG, and their aspirations for the future.

Former Group Chair Dr. Charles Coltman Jr. was the original champion of early career researchers. In March 1999, Dr. Coltman organized the first Young Investigator Training Course (YITC) to guide members through the intricacies of conducting a cooperative group trial. Statistical principles, data collection and analysis, protocol development, and group procedures were all part of the training.

Back then, the course lasted for two weeks and was held twice a year. Today, the YITC is a three-day program
offered once a year, and is aimed specifically at giving early career researchers the knowledge and tools necessary to launch a successful SWOG trial. This hallmark program has made a major impact. Since its founding, the YITC has graduated 86 members who’ve launched more than 40 trials.

"The real value that SWOG brings – and will continue to bring – is that it has trials that provide real value to my patients. That’s ultimately what it’s all about.” - Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD

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