Group Meeting Funding/Travel Support

Nurse/CRA Travel Support

The Hope Foundation provides funding to support travel for member CRAs and nurses to attend the group’s annual meetings. The program team will review applications and notify funded travelers directly. Support is non-transferable; only those who are specifically identified to attend may use the awarded funding.

Deadline to apply:  March 1

NCORP Early Stage Investigator Travel Funds

The Hope Foundation provides funding to support travel for SWOG Cancer Research Network member NCORP early stage investigators to attend the group’s annual meetings.

Deadline to request support:  March 1

Committee Meeting Funds

SWOG disease, research, and administrative committee chairs may request up to $15,000 annually from The Hope Foundation to support committee efforts at meetings that are not currently funded by the NCTN or NCORP grants.  Funds may be used for invited speakers, member or guest travel, food and beverages, committee dinner meetings, etc.

Deadline to apply:  April 10

SWOG Board of Governors Travel Support

The Hope Foundation provides travel funding upon request for current members of the SWOG Board of Governors to facilitate their participation in the meeting and BOG session.  Some restrictions apply.

Deadline to request support:  April 10

Questions? Contact Morgan Cox at The Hope Foundation (

SWOG MaD Money: Modality and Discipline Travel Support Program

SWOG is interested in supporting a wide cross section of disciplines and treatment modalities to ensure robust input into the group's developing clinical trials.

Recognizing that travel to SWOG group meetings -- a key venue for interaction among SWOG investigators -- is not always financially supported by institutions, we are providing a mechanism to help support meeting travel costs for investigators who are not medical oncologists.

The SWOG MaD Travel Money program provides successful applicants with coach-class air transportation and two nights standard lodging at the meeting facility. The program is open to investigators from disciplines other than hematology/oncology, such as surgeons, radiation oncologists, cardiologists, pharmacists, and general practitioners with oncology research experience.

There are five available spots for those who qualify. Program applications for the Spring 2023 SWOG Group Meeting in San Francisco are accepted until 4 p.m. PT, Monday, April 10, 2023. To apply for MaD funding, please visit the following link and complete the online form.  All fields must be completed, and a biosketch is required: SWOG MaD Webform.