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    CTEP-IAM Account Management Rave Access

    CTEP-IAM Account Management

    1. How do I obtain a CTEP-IAM account?

      If you don’t already have a CTEP-IAM account, go to: Request New Account.

      Read the CTEP-IAM New Account Registration Overview for definitions of the various CTEP-IAM account types, so you can decide which type you should apply for. The links below explain what information you’ll need to provide when registering for each account type:
      •  Obtaining a CTEP-IAM Account as an Associate
      •  Obtaining a CTEP-IAM Account as an Associate Plus
      •  Obtaining a CTEP-IAM Account as a Non-Physician Investigator
      •  Obtaining a CTEP-IAM Account as an Investigator

      After you submit your request for a new account, you’ll get an email telling you your account has been created. The email will include your username and a temporary password. Follow the directions in the email to reset your temporary password to a new permanent password.

      For more information on CTEP-IAM account management see the CTEP-IAM Helpdesk Topics (if you don’t see an expandable navigation pane at left on the page, widen your browser window)

      • How do I reactivate my existing CTEP-IAM account?

        If you have NOT linked your account with your CTEP-IAM account:
        •  Email with the request to reactivate.
        •  CTEP Registration Help Desk will send you a temporary password.
        •  Follow the link in that email to reactivate your account by resetting your password and selecting a new set of security questions.

        If you have linked your account with your CTEP-IAM account:
        •   Access CTEP-IAM at
        •   Log in using credentials.
        •   The system will show a validation error and a link to re-activate the account.
        •   Verify your credentials by authenticating using your account.
        •   After verification, CTEP-IAM will display the current user information.
        •   Verify the information and choose to either:
              ◦  Reactivate without any updates, OR,
        ◦  Reactivate and update CTEP-IAM information.

        See the CTEP-IAM and Integration FAQs for more information.

      • How do I update the email address associated with my CTEP account?

        • Go to: 
        • Log in with your CTEP credentials.
          • If you have already set up your credentials, use the tab.
          • If you have not yet set up credentials, use the CTEP-IAM tab.
        • Click on the “Personal Information” link at the top of the left navigation pane.
        • Scroll down to the “Account Information” section and update your email address in both the “Email” and “Verify Email” form sections.
        • Click “Submit Changes”
          • If the changes are not accepted (e.g., if other form fields must also be updated to submit the changes), the system will jump to the top of the screen and display an error message in red.
          • If changes are accepted, a confirmation message will be displayed, such as “Thank you for updating your CTEP-IAM user account information. Please follow the instructions in that email to reactivate your account if updates to email has been performed.”
        • Follow the instructions in the subsequent automated email from:
        • If you have questions or encounter difficulty, contact: for assistance.
      • How can I tell who (at our site) has an account linked with their CTEP-IAM account?

        There's a New Resource In RUMS! In preparation for the October 1, 2024, deadline, you can now check who at your site has linked their CTEP-IAM account to an account. Go to the Person Roster Browser in the Roster Update Management System, select your roster of choice, and click on the Export to Excel The last two columns in the resulting spreadsheet indicate whether somebody has linked their accounts, and if so, the linkage date. For more information about the requirement, click on the red User Access Update: CTEP-IAM & button at the top of every screen on the CTSU website to get to the page on the CTEP website.

      • What is the implementation deadline for

        CTEP-IAM users have until October 1, 2024, to set up accounts for multi-factor authentication (MFA). 

        For detailed instructions on the process, visit the page on the CTEP website and look under the section titled Completing the IP/MFA Process. To begin the linking process and to see user interface updates, please log in or request a new account using the CTEP-IAM application.

        International Users: NCI is aware that some users that live outside of the U.S. may not be able to enroll with due to GDPR non-compliance or not possessing one of the unique identifiers accepted by (U.S. SSN/ITIN, or international passport). These users will be allowed to utilize CTEP-IAM accounts and temporarily bypass the requirement to access NCI systems until a long-term solution is in place. Please contact the CTEP help desk at for further assistance if this applies to your organization.

      CTEP-IAM Account Help Resources and Information:

      • for help with the CTEP-IAM and process.
      • CTEP Help Desk Phone #: (703) 738-9171 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Eastern Time).
      • Support for assistance with your account.
      • CTEP website for detailed instructions, FAQ, scheduled live webinar registration, and other helpful information.

      iMedidata RAVE Access

      1. How do I gain access to SXXXX study in RAVE?

        Rave study invitation emails are sent to site staff that have been assigned a Rave role at the study-level when your CTSU site status is set to approved in RSS. (Exception: For some studies that require special training for Rave access, this invitation may be sent prior to the site attaining a CTSU site status of approved.)
      2. What do I do if I did not receive a RAVE study invitation?

        First, ensure that your CTEP IAM account is current (active and reflects appropriate institutional email - see CTEP-IAM account management above).

        Next, confirm that you have activated your iMedidata RAVE account. See #2 below if you did not receive an iMedidata RAVE account activation email.

        After your iMedidata account is established, you will be able to login to iMedidata either using either the SSO from the CTSU member’s website, or by directly accessing the iMedidata URL. Both access points utilize your CTEP-IAM credentials for login.

        After your initial iMedidata account activation is completed: 
        You will receive a Study Invitation email (from: for each subsequent Rave study your site registers for, and (if Rave roles are assigned at the study-level for your site) for each Rave study for which you are granted a Rave role. This Study Invitation email is sent at the time your site status is set to approved for the study in the RSS (except in cases where special training is required prior to granting of Rave access).

        See Medidata Account Activation and Study Invitation Acceptance guidance document available via under Data Management (located in the Help Topics under Rave Resources). (Login with CTEP credentials required.)
      3. What do I do if I did not receive my iMedidata activation email invitation? Who do I contact for assistance?

        All RAVE users must have current, active CTEP credentials and be assigned a RAVE role on a LPO or Participating Organization Roster.

        Verify and update your CTEP-IAM credentials by visiting the CTEP website and confirm your roster assignment with your local institutional site administrator/data administrator.

        After verifying that your credentials are correct and that you have a Rave Role on your institution's roster, site staff may contact the CTSU Help Desk at to request that the email invitation be re-
      4. What is the difference between the iMedidata RAVE account activation email and the Study-specific invitation email?

        After your institution receives approval for a new Rave study, or if you are newly assigned a Rave role for an existing Rave study at your site, you will automatically receive an invitation via email from containing either a link to activate your iMedidata account (if this is your first Rave study), or a link taking you to iMedidata to accept any study invitations (if you have already activated your iMedidata account).

        Please see Medidata Account Activation and Study Invitation Acceptance for more detailed instructions on how to activate your account and accept study invitations. (Login with CTEP credentials required to access the guidance document.)