Clinical Trial Summary (S2108CD)

Does Advice from a Team of Experts Help Doctors Choose Cancer Treatments Based on Genomic Tumor Testing?

What is the purpose of this clinical trial?

Genomic tumor tests look for gene changes in your cancer cells. Finding certain changes can give your doctor more information about what is causing the cancer to grow and how to treat it.
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To use genomic tumor test results, doctors assess large amounts of information and the latest research. The purpose of this study is to learn if advice from a team of experts, called a genomic tumor board, helps doctors use the test results to treat patients.

This trial is set up to find out:

  • If giving doctors advice from a genomic tumor board leads to more patients getting treatment that’s based on their genomic tumor test results
  • If a genomic tumor board improves how doctors interpret test results

Why is this trial important?

Research on genomic tumor testing is quickly advancing and leading to new treatments. But it is a challenge for doctors to know and use all the latest information. Researchers want to find the best way for doctors to use genomic tumor testing with their patients. This study is a chance to see if using genomic tumor boards to advise doctors on treatment may improve the process to benefit more patients.

Who can be in this trial?

This trial is for adults, age 18 and older, with solid tumor cancer that is advanced or has come back.

This trial may be for people who:

  • Receive care from a doctor who has also agreed to take part in this study
  • Will have a genomic tumor test as part of their cancer care

This trial is not for people who:

  • Receive hospice care

What can I expect during the trial?

The clinic where you receive care was assigned to one of 2 study groups. Your clinic’s study group affects how your genomic tumor test results are reviewed. You and your doctor choose your treatment.

Clinics in Group 1:

  • Your doctor reviews your test results as they usually do.

Clinics in Group 2:

  • Your doctor and a genomic tumor board review your test results. The board gives your doctor advice about your treatment.

Your doctor does not have control over which group your clinic is assigned to. This helps make sure the study results are fair and reliable.

How long will I be in the trial?

You will be in the study for 2 years. During the 2 years, the study team will check your medical records for information about your health at 6 months, at the end of year 1, and at the end of year 2. They will check information about your diagnosis, genomic tumor test results, and any treatments you receive.

Are there costs? Will I get paid?

You will not be paid for being in the study. Check with your health care provider and insurance provider to find out what costs will and won’t be covered in this study.

Where can I find more information about this trial?

Key Information

Information your doctor or trial navigator may need to help you.

Protocol Number
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Full Trial Title
A Cluster Randomized Trial Comparing an Educationally Enhanced Genomic Tumor Board (EGTB) Intervention to Usual Practice to Increase Evidence-Based Genome-Informed Therapy
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SWOG Cancer Research Network
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