Before this post is through, I’ll give you 10 reasons to join the SWOG Cancer Research Network’s spring meeting that starts Monday. There’s a lot to love about this week-long virtual session. But the feature I want to highlight is the potential to mingle.

We know you’ve missed chatting up your SWOG colleagues in San Francisco and Chicago each year. Those face-to-face exchanges are the heart of every SWOG group meeting, and they’re where many of the research projects, and lasting relationships, really take off. But we haven’t met in person since fall 2019! So our staff came up with idea for the Networking Lounge.

The Networking Lounge lets you meet up over video, in real time, with any SWOG member registered for the meeting. Make a plan to meet, create a personal login, grab an open “table,” and have that one-on-one with a mentor, friend, or research partner. You can host up to 6 people (at least at Table 6).

The Networking Lounge will be open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. For more information, and a video how-to on the networking platform, called Remo, visit the lounge in the spring meeting webpage.

What’s more, our industry partners will host exhibitor pages in the lounge. One partner, Novartis, will have in-person representatives available via video conference all week, from 2 to 4 p.m., to talk about two of their new cancer drugs. Staff from The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research will be in the lounge each day to preview the newest SWOG accoutrements like socks and ties, as well as to take donations and answer questions about the over $6.5 million they give each year to SWOG investigators, committees, and members for research, education, travel, and special projects. And staff from the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core (IROQ) will answer study data submission questions related to radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging.

Finally, visit the Networking Lounge to find SWOG staff ready to help with your research:

- Our budget team will be there to talk about how they can assist with financial agreements, trial payments, and coverage analyses.

- Our contracts team can talk about how they can help with study and material use and data use agreements, PRO licensing agreements, and more. 

- Our clinical trial project managers will answer questions about protocol development.

- Our quality assurance experts will talk about audits, including remote auditing.

For a list of day and time availabilities for all teams, visit the lounge page on the meeting site.

Now for the other nine reasons to join me next week:

- The return of our translational medicine Plenary I, with Drs. Ed Liu and Dave Tuveson

- A Plenary II send off for Dr. Julie Gralow by Dr. Dan Hayes

- A kick-off meeting for S1912CD, our newest financial toxicity trial

- An update on our Clinical Trials Partnerships program 

- An update on Lung-MAP, our original precision medicine trial

- A deep dive into nursing research during the Jeri and Noboru Oishi Symposium

- An overview of the COVID impact on sites during the ORP Open Forum

- The opportunity to take SWOG’s signature Clinical Trials Training Course

- The inaugural group meeting for our new CNS Working Group

It’s not too late to register! To sign up, review the agenda book, and get the group meeting scoop, visit the group meeting page on Hope to see you online!

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