SWOG.org Log In Information

SWOG members can access special content on SWOG.org using credentials granted by the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Evaluation Therapy Program (CTEP) through their Identity and Access Management (IAM) website. Login with CTEP credentials.

Need CTEP credentials? Visit this website: https://ctepcore.nci.nih.gov/iam/RNAShowStep1.do?method=showStep1ofRNA

Forget your CTEP password or need to reset it? Visit this website: https://ctepcore.nci.nih.gov/iam/ForgotPassword.do

NOTE: Only NCI issues CTEP credentials and troubleshoots problems with CTEP logins. For questions, contact the CTEP-IAM Help Desk at ctepreghelp@ctep.nci.nih.gov

Additional information on registering for a CTEP-IAM account can be found here: https://ctep.cancer.gov/branches/pmb/associate_registration.htm

If you’re not a SWOG member, but are interested in joining the group, visit here. https://www.swog.org/about/join-swog

A small subset of SWOG members do not belong to a research institution, and therefore aren’t eligible for CTEP credentials. This small group can access SWOG.org using a SWOG-issued log-in credentials on this page https://www.swog.org/user/login Questions about SWOG credentials can be directed to member@swog.org. To reset a SWOG password, use the password reset form.

Still have questions and don’t know where to turn? Contact webmanager@swog.org