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S1900 Biomarker-Driven Sub-Study Version Control Protocol (S1900BDSS VCP)

Abbreviated Title
S1900BDSS Version Control Protocol
Status Notes
The LUNGMAP S1900 Biomarker-Driven Sub-Study Version Control Protocol (S1900BDSS) is active effective 1/28/19.

The intent of the S1900BDSS is to allow an individual sub-study to be revised independently of the other sub-studies. The S1900BDSS keeps track of revisions made to various S1900 biomarker-driven sub-studies of LUNGMAP and their component documents over the course of the overarching Lung-MAP study, and lists the version date of each revision.

Sites may use this document to verify the most current version of a LUNGMAP S1900 biomarker-driven sub-study, and may also reference this document for an overview of S1900 sub-study revisions.

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SWOG Clinical Trial Number
SWOG Clinical Trial Number