Spring 2019 Plenary II (General) Session Presentations

The following presentations were given at the Plenary Part II (General Plenary) Session of the Spring 2019 Group Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Friday, April 26, 2019

1. Chair's Welcoming & Update

Charles D. Blanke, MD
Chair, SWOG

slides (PDF)

2, Memorial Tribute to Charles A. Coltman, Jr., MD

John Crowley, PhD
Former Group Statistician

slides (PDF)

3. Celebration of Achievements of Anne F. Schott, MD

James M. Rae, PhD
SWOG Executive Officer for Translational Medicine

slides (PDF)

4. Personalized Cancer Therapy: The Next Frontier – Customized Combination Treatments

Razelle Kurzrock, MD
Chair, Early Therapeutics & Rare Cancers Committee

slides (PDF)

5. Closing Remarks

Charles D. Blanke, M.D.
Chair, SWOG

Slides not available