Spring 2018 Jeri & Noboru Oishi Symposium Presentations

The following presentations were given at the Jeri & Noboru Oishi Symposium of the Spring 2018 Group Meeting in San Francisco.  

Thursday, April 12, 2018

1. Welcome and Introductions

Keisha Humphries, RN, BSN
Chair, ORP Committee


2. Statistical Center Updates

Rodney Sutter
SWOG Statistical Center

3. Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: Staging, Treatment and Assessment Featuring SWOG Trials S1602 and S1605

Peter Black, MD
S1605 Study Chair

4. S1605 - Protocol & Data Submission Requirements

Sean O'Bryan
S1605 Data Coordinator

5. Diving into S1602

Joseph Sanchez
S1602 Data Coordinator

6. S1404: General Data Management Updates

Krystle Pagarigan
Clinical Research Data Coordinator

7. The Central Monitoring Portal and CTSU Website Updates

Vinita Gotting

8. S1400 - LungMAP

Crystal Miwa, Elaine Armstrong, Louise Highleyman, Lavinia Dobrea, Jessica Jordan
SWOG S1400 Study Team