I closed a recent post with a direct question to you, the readers of this blog/email: how can we make Front Line even better in the coming years?

Although the question was direct, it was still fairly broad. Today I’m going to be even more specific in asking for your feedback:

What topics would you most like to hear more about in future Front Lines? 

I’d thought about doing this as a formal survey, dropping in a Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey link here. But I went with an easier (for you) alternative. 

Just hit “Reply” on this message, then choose the topics below you would most like to read about in a future post. You can simply type an “X” in front of each topic that appeals to you, or better yet, you can rank them with numbers. After you’ve done so, just hit “Send.” [Those of you reading this on the website can forward your replies to FrontLine@swog.org.]

_____  Research results

My offerings on this front range from roundups of professional meeting highlights (“SWOG’s Work Shines at ASCO and Beyond”) to reporting on blockbuster findings that have garnered major press coverage, such as “RxPONDER: A Huge Victory for Our Patients.”

_____  Reports from SWOG leadership

Entries in this category extend from a review on my first “Five Fulfilling Years of Service” as SWOG chair to our annual Impact Reports, which have a goal of “Tracking SWOG’s Impact, in Year-Sized Bites.”

_____  Updates on SWOG DEI initiatives

Though these updates have been more numerous since my January 2021 announcement of our “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Year of Action,” they go back at least as far as 2016’s post announcing “Dr. Elise Cook Leads SWOG Diversity Efforts” (it’s a safe bet you’ll see more in this category).

_____  Operational updates

These vary from broad “How We Make a Variety of Decisions” overviews to more specific explanations of the latest policy changes in how we go about “Allocating Our Protocol Development Resources.”

_____  Profiles of SWOG leaders

Examples here range from “Meet the EO: Julie Gralow, MD” types of profiles of current leadership to introductions of brand new leaders, as in “Dr. Lajos Pusztai Named Breast Chair.”  

_____  Profiles of patient advocates

Over the years, I’ve written many times about our fabulous team of patient advocates, both profiles of individuals (“Meet the Advocate: Judy Johnson, MBA”), and broader accounts of our advocate programs, such as very recently giving you a chance to “Meet SWOG’s Community Advocates.”

_____  Recognizing and honoring SWOG members

At times, Front Line has honored those we’ve lost, such as at the death of “Valerie Guild: A Legacy of ‘Quiet Power,’” and at other times I’ve used it to recognize accomplishment, as in writing about awards to SWOG Vice Chair for NCORP Research Dawn Hershman, MD, MS, in “SWOG Builds Great Careers.”

_____ Celebrating collective achievements

Grant awards and grant renewals are prominent in this category, as in my second Front Line ever, which recognized that “SWOG’s Core NCTN Grants Are ‘High Impact’” (thanks once again to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine for this blast from the distant past), but it also includes ultra-wide angle shots of our collective impact, as in our recognition of 14+ million years of life added by NCTN trials in “Benefits of NCTN Trials Quantified: Enormous!

_____  (P)Reviews of group meetings

These range from breathless anticipation – “Getting Closer to Celebrating 60” – to relieved gratitude at a return to a “normal” we’d once taken for granted – “First Hybrid Group Meeting a Major Success.”

Of course, if you like your reading material radically short and sweet, I also offer brief holiday greetings such as “A Wish for a Happy Thanksgiving,” though if this is your ideal, perhaps you’d prefer the @SWOG Twitter account.

Your favorite topic(s) not listed above? Here are a couple of lines where you can contribute your own ideas:

Other: _______________________________________________________________________  

Other: _______________________________________________________________________

Please do contribute – by jotting down your ideas above and/or by replying and ranking your choices. I’ve said it before and am likely to say it again – SWOG is your group. What is it you want to know about us? [Those of you reading this on the website can forward your replies to FrontLine@swog.org.]

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