Fall 2017 Plenary II (General) Session Presentations

The following presentations were given at the Plenary Part II (General Plenary) Session of the Fall 2017 Group Meeting in Chicago.

Friday, October 13, 2017

1. Chair's Welcoming & Update

Charles D. Blanke, M.D.
Chair, SWOG

slides (PDF)

2. The Growing Landscape of Palliative Care

Jeannine M. Brant, Ph.D., APRN, AOCN, FAAN
Montana State University

slides (PDF)

3. Highlights of the NCORP Committees

Katherine Crew, MD, MS
SWOG Executive Officer

slides (PDF)

4. Innovation in Cancer Clinical Trials

Larry Chu, M.D. and Alicia Staley

slides (PDF)