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SWOG publishes SWOG Update approximately every two months. The newsletter covers Group activities, scientific information, and other topics of interest. The newsletter typically includes such features as:
  • Group Meeting Information
  • Latest Study Manuscripts Published
  • Protocol Updates
  • Message from the Chair
  • Committee News
  • Operations Office News
  • Statistical Center News

Each Group Newsletter also contains other articles on various subjects. The listings below show specific articles of special interest in each issue. Click on the volume month to view that newsletter. Back issues can be found on the Archives page.

Date Volume
4/7/2014 SWOG Update, Spring 2014
SWOG Update, Spring 2014
  • Spotlight: SWOG will welcome in the NCTN in SF
  • Study: S1400 LUNG-MAP: Lung Master Protocol readies to activate
  • Rare Cancer Study: S1221: Reactivating a BRAF inhibitor with an AKT inhibitor
  • SWOG News: Friedberg is new Lymphoma Chair,
    Pharmacy Cmte has a new co-chair,
    Hope gets ACCME reaccreditation,
    and SWOG has 21 abstracts at ASCO.

12/10/2013 SWOG Update, December 2013
SWOG Update, December 2013
  • Spotlight: Fall 2013 Meeting: Highlights from Chicago
  • Study: S9704 Results: Early transplants in non-Hodgkins lymphoma
  • Rare Cancer Study: E2905: Adding epoetin alfa for MDS
  • SWOG News: Soham Puvvada is 2013 Coltman Fellow,
    SWOG Cancer Research Daily launches,
    an update on who does what among SWOG staff,
    and leadership changes at The Hope Foundation.

7/29/2013 SWOG Update, July 2013
SWOG Update, July 2013
  • Spotlight: Spring 2013 Group Meeting Wrap-Up
  • Study: C80702: Adding celecoxib to chemo for stage III colon cancer
  • Rare Cancer Study: CTSU 9177: An easier to tolerate treatment for Burkitt lymphoma
  • SWOG News: Patrick Stiff named BMSCT Committe chair,
    CIRB is in your future,
    Dr. Blanke defines terms,
    and protocol development timelines are getting shorter.

4/30/2013 SWOG Update, April 2013
SWOG Update, April 2013
  • Spotlight: Spring 2013 Group Mtg Preview
  • Study: S1216: Adding TAK-700 to ADT for metastatic prostate cancer
  • SWOG News: Crowley honored with Zelen Award,
    SWOG signs first IP agreement,
    DCP updates its policy on Investigational New Drugs (INDs),
    and the era of endorsing other groups' trials ends this summer.

2/28/2013 SWOG Update, February 2013
SWOG Update, February 2013
  • Spotlight: Spring 2013 Group Mtg: The changing of the guard
  • Study: S0820: The PACES study tests chemoprevention in colon cancer survivors
  • SWOG News: Howard Hochster to be SWOG's new GI chair,
    Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cmte invites participation in SF,
    SWOG's Statistical Center and the Medidata Rave databases harmonize,
    and the Oncology Research Professionals Cmte lays out membership policy.

11/30/2012 SWOG Update, November 2012
SWOG Update, November 2012
  • Spotlight: CTCs, informed consent, health care reform, and more at Fall Mtg
  • Study: S1001: Using PET to guide DLBCL treatment
  • SWOG News: Update on SWOG's leadership transition process,
    a call to do better with specimens for correlatives,
    Erba named new Leukemia chair,
    and SWOG welcomes Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.

9/12/2012 SWOG Update, September 2012
SWOG Update, September 2012
  • Spotlight: Fall plenary to cover health reform and clinical trials
  • Study: S1207: Adding a year of everolimus to endocrine therapy
  • Study: S1211: Elotuzumab with high-risk melanoma
  • SWOG News: Special symposium on circulating tumor cells in Chicago,
    SWOG's first Rave trials launch,
    and SWOG data shows pr ca survival improves in the PSA era.

6/29/2012 SWOG Update, June 2012
SWOG Update, June 2012
  • Spotlight: Eight SWOG oral presentations given at ASCO 2012
  • Study: S1013: Validating a tool to assess EGFRI-induced skin rash
  • Study: S0819: NSCLC study adds H scores, eases eligibility requirements
  • SWOG News: GI chair search committee appointed,
    details on SWOG's leadership transition process,
    and a new feature highlights SWOG recruitment resources.

4/30/2012 SWOG Update, April 2012
SWOG Update, April 2012
  • Spotlight: Charles Blanke, M.D., is new chair-elect; LeBlanc is statistician
  • Study: S1201: Can the ERCC1 biomarker be used to help select treatment?
  • Studies: S1105 & S1200: Tackling aromatase-inhibitor side effects
  • SWOG News: SF plenary session a dry run for fall's grant renewal,
    Imaging Committee launched,
    and the Nursing and CRA Committees merge.

3/9/2012 SWOG Update, March 2012
SWOG Update, March 2012
  • Spotlight: Protocol development sets records
  • Study: S0927: Omega-3s to relieve AI pain
  • SWOG News: Crowley will step down,
    LeBlanc will step up,
    and the spring meeting features some special events.

12/22/2011 SWOG Update, December 2011
SWOG Update, December 2011
  • Spotlight: S0226 combo shows promise
  • Study: S0702: Revisions should make accrual easier
  • Study: S0812: Vitamin D and breast cancer prevention
  • SWOG News: Appelbaum steps down,
    phase IIs increased to $5K capitation,
    and two new SWOG Development Awards are announced.

10/31/2011 SWOG Update, October 2011
SWOG Update, October 2011
  • Spotlight: SWOG consolidates specimen banks
  • Study: S1014: Complementing ADT with abiraterone acetate?
  • SWOG News: Dr. Baker says no third term,
    Melanoma Cmte changes leaders,
    and SWOG welcomes a basic science cancer center.

8/31/2011 SWOG Update, August 2011
SWOG Update, August 2011
  • Spotlight: Fall 2011 meeting plenary links lab scientists with clinical researchers
  • Study: S1011: How many nodes to dissect in radical cystectomy?
  • Study: S0701: Eradicating H. pylori in Latin America
  • SWOG News: Two new SWOG Development Awards granted,
    a clinical trials course for new (or not so new) nurses,
    and SWOG welcomes a new executive officer.

6/29/2011 SWOG Update, June 2011
SWOG Update, June 2011
  • Study: S1005: AKT inhibitor against gastric and GEJ cancer
  • Study: S0833: Total Therapy 3 for myeloma comes to SWOG
  • SWOG News: Seven projects to use SELECT/PCPT Biorepository resources,
    new travel support for investigators outside hem-onc,
    and three new patient advocates come aboard.

4/29/2011 SWOG Update, Apr 2011
SWOG Update, April 2011
  • Spotlight: S1007 RxPONDER trial launched
  • Study: S0421: Interim analysis closes early
  • Study: S0931: EVEREST: Everolimus in renal cancer
  • SWOG News: Spring meeting wrap-up (and fashion show!),
    Barlogie passes Myeloma Cmte baton to Orlowski,
    and first SWOG Development Award winners.

2/25/2011 SWOG Update, Feb 2011
SWOG Update, February 2011
  • Spotlight: Spring meeting plenary focus is survivorship research
  • Study: S0709: NSCLC study eligibility eased
  • Study: S0919: Statins with chemo for AML
  • Study: S0925: IGF-IR inhibitors with ADT
  • SWOG News: The role of a nurse QOL coordinator,
    Coltman Fellowships deadline approaches,
    and a second chance for unfunded proposals.

12/22/2010 SWOG Update, Dec 2010
SWOG Update, December 2010
  • Spotlight: FDA's ODAC says no to finasteride for chemoprevention
  • Study: S0916: "Window study" completed
  • SWOG News: SWOG Development Award RFA,
    GU Committee seeks transformative proposals,
    and a new TM subcommittee chair for Lymphoma.

11/29/2010 SWOG Update, November 2010
SWOG Update, November 2010
  • Spotlight: SWOG, no longer just southwest
  • Study: S0933: Newest trial targets Notch receptor in melanoma
  • SWOG News: Update on the October meeting,
    on-site training piloted,
    and SWOG is 13 for 13 at ASH 2010.

9/8/2010 SWOG Update September 2010
SWOG Update, September 2010
  • Spotlight: Fall plenary will address coop group changes
  • Study: S0701: H. pylori trial in Latin America reaches goal
  • SWOG News: SWOG's Gynecologic Cancer Committee has closed,
    a new scientific advisory structure for the Group,
    and the Clinical Trials Training Course goes online.

7/30/2010 SWOG Update July 2010
SWOG Update, July 2010
  • Spotlight: Planning to reform the coop group system
  • Study: S0600: Bevacizumab and metastatic colorectal cancer
  • SWOG News: Changes coming to biospecimen banking at SWOG,
    record retention guidelines for sites,
    and a look ahead to the fall Nursing Committee Workshop.

6/29/2010 SWOG Update June 2010
SWOG Update, June 2010
  • Spotlight: SWOG looks at its successes and failures
  • Study: S0702: 1st dental exam is the only one required
  • Study: S0805: Related study supports dasatinib regimen
  • SWOG News: Nursing Disease & Disc. Subcomm. making its mark,
    specimen kits now available for 9 trials,
    and SWOG's grants & contracts mgr. goes on leave.

5/30/2010 SWOG Update May 2010
SWOG Update, May 2010 Highlights:
  • Spotlight: IOM report urges coop group changes
  • Spring 2010 Group Meeting update
  • Study: S0777: Bortezomib combo for myeloma
  • SWOG News: Coltman Fellows announced,
    Young Investigators Course RFA issued,
    and new resources for QA and audits.

4/30/2010 SWOG Update Apr 2010
SWOG Update, April 2010 Highlights:
  • Spotlight: SWOG treatment grant renewed
  • Administrata: Speeding contract and protocol development
  • Study: S0941: TKIs with biliary cancers
  • SWOG News: SELECT Biorepository,
    CRA Committee openings,
    and SWOG ASCO abstracts.

3/4/2010 SWOG Update Mar 2010
SWOG Update, March 2010 Highlights:
  • Spotlight: Time to register for the spring meeting in SF
  • Chairís Corner: Clinical benefit
  • SWOG News: ONS sets new CT nursing competencies,
    a new patient advocate signs on,
    and SWOG affiliates shine.

1/29/2010 SWOG Update Jan 2010
SWOG Update, January 2010
Highlights of this edition of the SWOG Update:
  • Spotlight: Latin America Initiative launches
  • Chairís Corner: SWOG foreign policy
  • SWOG News: Ops joins Hope Foundation,
    CRAs plan for a regulatory session in SF,
    and HDOC gets a new co-chair

12/22/2009 SWOG Update Dec 2009
SWOG Update, December 2009
Highlights of this edition of the SWOG Update:
  • Spotlight: SWOG-8814 long-term results
  • Chairís Corner: Value vs. economy
  • Study Updates: S0904: New gyn trial to test docetaxel and vandetanib in ovarian cancers
  • SWOG News: SWOG's Imaging Network launched,
    CRAs doing patient questionnaires need training,
    and Marj Godfrey retires

11/17/2009 SWOG Update Nov 2009
SWOG Update, November 2009
Highlights of this edition of the SWOG Update:
  • Spotlight: SWOG's Patient Advocates
  • Chairís Corner: Welcome Dr. Val
  • Study Updates: Intravesical chemo for bladder cancer, and
    dasatinib for leukemia
  • SWOG News: Fall Group Meeting update, recent pubs,
    and better TM study tracking

10/9/2009 SWOG Update Oct 2009
SWOG Update, October 2009
Highlights of this edition of the SWOG Update:
  • Spotlight: SWOG's comparative effectiveness research course
  • Chairís Corner: How do we define success in SWOG trials?
  • Study Updates: Side effects of a bisphosphonate, and using
    a dietary supplement to fight neuropathy
  • SWOG News: Stimulus funds reach SWOG, CTSU rolls out OPEN,
    and the Ops Office is moving

8/5/2009 SWOG Update Aug 2009
SWOG Update, August 5, 2009
Highlights of this edition of the new SWOG Update:
  • Spotlight: Fall Plenary: How best to fight the war on cancer?
  • Chairís Corner: SWOG's research objectives
  • Study Updates: An ongoing breast study, and a new lung study
  • SWOG News: SWOG-CTI open for business; SWAT fast-track protocol review

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