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The two ways to access the swog.org member section:

Members of SWOG can log on to the member section of the website at either

Advanced Level allows access to virtually all features of the website, including applications such as on-line patient registration; the CRA Workbench; Roster lookup; and for SELECT and PCPT Long-term Follow Up staff, the SELECT and PCPT Workbenches. For security reasons, this level requires use of the Roster ID (member) number as the username, and a "strong" password that meets security criteria and must periodically be changed. For more information, see the Advanced Level Access section below.

Standard Level access is adequate for most Members section users. It will, however, not allow automatic access to the applications listed above without logging on again, using Advanced Level credentials. Standard Level does allow access to all protocol documents; accrual reports; Report of Studies; and publications, IRB, and "where is this study open" lookups. Because it will not allow seamless access to the Advanced Level web applications, it will be more convenient for members who use those features regularly to use Advanced Level access. And staff participants in SELECT and/or PCPT who are not members of SWOG will not be eligible for Standard access. For more information, see the Standard Level Access section below.

Standard Level Access

Logging On at Standard Level as a SWOG Member

Standard Level access to swog.org is only available to SWOG members. It should be used by those members of the Group who do not require access to features which have direct interaction with the Group database such as the Patient Registration and Workbench applications. To log on at Standard Level, you will use your email address of record and your Standard Level password, in the logon boxes on the Members logon page.

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Signing Up for Standard Level Access

To obtain Standard Level access privileges, you must (1) Be a SWOG member, and (2) have an email address that is not shared with more than two other SWOG members registered in the Group database. If you do not meet both those conditions, you can contact the SWOG Membership Department via our Contact Us page. If you do meet both conditions, simply enter your SWOG database email address on the Standard Level Signup page and you will receive your temporary Standard Level password at that email address. Once you receive this temporary password, you should change it to any easy-to-remember password of your choice, as long as it is at least # characters long See "Changing or Retrieving Your Standard Level Password" below.

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Changing or Retrieving Your Standard Level Password

When you receive your temporary password after signing up for Standard Level, use it to log on, then you can change it to a more memorable one via the "Standard Level Profile" link you will see at the bottom of your Members section navigation bar. You will also be able to change it anytime from then on using that link. If you forget your Standard Level password, at the logon page click the Forgot Standard Level Password? link, enter your email address on the resulting page, and your current password will be sent to your email address.

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Changing Your Email Address

If you have Standard Level access and you change your email address, be sure to notify the SWOG Membership Department via the form or phone or fax numbers on the Contact Us page.

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Advanced Level Access

Logging On at Advanced Level as a SWOG Member

To log on at Advanced Level, you will use your Roster ID number and your Advanced Level strong password in the logon boxes on the Members Logon page. Then during that web session you will not have to log on again to do anything on the site you are authorized to do. Management of Advanced Level passwords is done locally by Web User Administrators at each Group institution or equivalent organization. If when you attempt to log on at Advanced Level you receive a "password does not match" or a "roster ID number not found" message, you should contact your Web User Administrator (see Don't Know Your Individual Password? below). If your Web User Administrator cannot solve the problem or further help is needed, another resource is our Help Desk.

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Don't know your SWOG Roster ID number?

If you are a SWOG member but don't know your Roster ID number, click on the "What's My Roster ID Number" button below and we'll send it to you by email.

   What's My Roster ID Number?   

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Don't Know Your Roster ID Number/Advanced Level Password/Web User Administrator?

At SWOG institutions there are Web User Administrators, who are the designees responsible for assigning permissions to use SWOG web applications. If you are a member and are not sure of your SWOG Roster ID number or Advanced Level password, enter your institution number below, and the resulting page will show you the name of your Web User Administrator, who can assist you with password and other web access issues.

Institution/Study Site:

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"I was able to log on at Advanced Level, but it doesn't know who I am"

If after you log on at the Advanced Level you are greeted as 'Welcome, Individual User' rather than by your name, this means that the Advanced Level user authentication process has failed and you'll not have access to web applications that require individual authentication (Patient Registration, Roster, SELECT Workbench, CRA Workbench, etc.). This is a rare occurrence which usually means an internet connection is temporarily down, in which case there should be a message on the Welcome Member page to advise you about the situation. You will essentially have Standard Level access privileges until the systems issue is corrected.

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