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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Leadership Transitions We'll Recognize in Chicago

Sep 25, 2015 - As with most successful organizations, SWOG derives major value from its people. Our research succeeds, and our patients benefit, because of the intelligence, passion, and perseverance of SWOG members and staff. Twice a year, a huge number of physicians, nurses, statisticians, advocates, and operations experts come together live. I hardly have to tell you we're about ready to do it again in Chicago.

When we gather in just 12 days at our fall meeting, we'll bring projects to fruition and hatch brand new study ideas. We'll learn, teach, present, question, and listen. And, as we usually do, we will bid farewell and welcome to some SWOG leaders. This fall, we've got an especially large number of transitions -- evidence that SWOG remains a dynamic organization, always changing and hopefully improving.

We'll have plaudits and plaques live in Chicago. But here's a preview of some changes:

Committee Chairs

  • Dr. Frank Meyskens will step down as Associate Chair of NCORP. His current Co-Chair, Dr. Dawn Hershman will take over the full duties of that position.
  • Dr. David Gandara will announce his approaching step-down as Chair of the Lung Committee -- with a successor still to be named. I am proud to report that we have a very large and very illustrious pool of candidates.
  • Dr. James Wade retires as Co-Chair of SWOG's Symptom Control and Quality of Life Committee, with that position to be filled by Dr. Norah Lynn Henry. She will work alongside that committee's other relatively new Co-Chair, Dr. Michael Fisch.

Executive Officers

  • Dr. Gary Lyman joins us as a new Executive Officer, to oversee the Symptom Control and Quality of Life Committee.
  • Dr. Katherine Crew is the second new Executive Officer, to oversee our Cancer Survivorship and Prevention Committees.

That's just a small fraction of what's going on in SWOG. You'll also see experienced personnel get new titles and duties.

With new emphases on both our NCORP and non-traditional committees, Dr. Craig Nichols will transition. Dr. Nichols will now serve as Executive Officer for two portfolios not themselves new to SWOG: Membership Engagement and Communications.

And Dr. Anne Schott will see org chart changes better reflecting her contributions. My right hand overseeing the group, Dr. Schott remains SWOG's Deputy Chair. However, she has now inherited the additional title of Vice Chair for NCTN, to highlight the areas she oversees on a regular basis.

I can't thank all of these leaders enough for the work they've done -- and the work they will do. See you in Chicago!


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