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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Why Should Young Investigators Join SWOG?

May 18, 2015 - SWOG has stated publicly and in grant applications that we foster our young investigators. Why specifically should early career investigators consider joining SWOG? There are too many good reasons to list all of them, but here are a particularly important dozen.

  • SWOG can provide a route for you to take a small pilot trial to a larger phase II or phase III trial nationwide.
  • SWOG can help you develop strong individual relationships with colleagues in pharmaceutical companies. These most certainly can lead to multiple future fruitful collaborations.
  • SWOG semiannual group meetings and other workshops are outstanding venues for furthering your professional development and continuing medical education, to include obtaining CME credit.
  • SWOG provides opportunities for mentorship(s) with faculty from other institutions, hard to get through traditional venues
  • SWOG offers a rich array of networking opportunities, including the opportunity to interact personally with literally world-class experts in your field.
  • SWOG's specialized interest area working groups, in areas such as rare cancers or adolescent and young adult cancers, present opportunities not easily found elsewhere.
  • Participating in a SWOG administrative committee is a wonderful way to gain a new skillset not taught in fellowship.
  • SWOG's Young Investigator Training Course is an outstanding opportunity for intensive and closely mentored training in how to develop a large-scale clinical trial.
  • SWOG and The Hope Foundation offer an ever-growing list of juried award programs, career development grants, and training opportunities geared to early career investigators.
  • SWOG's close partnerships with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and The Jackson Laboratories (both SWOG members) provide unparalleled opportunities for translational medicine collaborations.
  • SWOG offers opportunities to observe and participate in all stages of clinical trial development.
  • SWOG membership can lead to a chance to serve as a temporary junior investigator on one of the NCI Task Forces, helping you increase your knowledge and your exposure.
Am I tooting our own horn? Indeed I am. SWOG is proud to offer these opportunities to our young investigators. With the help of Dr. Cathy Eng and the YI Task Force, more will come!


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