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The Front Line


The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Our Inaugural SWOG Impact Report

January 6, 2017 - As we welcome 2017, it would be nice to review 2016. While writing this column was easy, (Im essentially just sticking in a document that I will describe shortly), preparing that document was actually a monumental amount of work on the part of staff in our statistical and data center, operations office, group chairs office, and at The Hope Foundation. Their efforts make it easy to update you now with SWOGs first annual impact report, which I am quite pleased to present.

This impact report is aimed at giving you our members and friends a snapshot of our progress in 2016. This January, and every January to come, well deliver to your inbox the most vital data on our cancer clinical trials. The report is not meant to be an exhaustive list of activities, but, rather, an easy-to-scan report showing the most important statistics from SWOG from the year that just was.

This is our way of being both accountable and accessible to our members, funders, donors, friends, partners, and the public. Over time, these impact reports will allow us to spot trends and chart our progress, as we continue our mission of improving the lives of people touched by cancer.

Thanks to you for making these strides possible, and for supporting this vital organization. Although we have not prepared an impact report before, I am happy to talk about how the numbers roughly compare to those from past years.

Happy New Year!

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