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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Front Line's First Birthday

July 25, 2014 - Today's Front Line post begins my second year of sending out this weekly SWOG blog. I started it as a venue to keep SWOG members abreast of what's happening with their cooperative group, as a forum for soliciting input from members on important issues, and as a means of calling for volunteers. Over the last twelve months I've received lots of informal feedback about the value of this undertaking, and its approval rating exceeds the President's, at least for now. To be fair, we've had ~70 unsubscribe requests, but that's not too bad from a distribution list approaching 10,000 SWOG members, friends, and friendly competitors.

From my perspective, Front Line has proved invaluable as a relatively rapid means of engaging a broad swath of our membership. From the very first posting last July -- an update on our approach to rare cancer research -- this weekly venue has given me (and several others among SWOG leadership) a chance to announce initiatives (including RFAs for new grant programs with The Hope Foundation), introduce new committee chairs, report on our progress toward the goals outlined in our grants, and make direct requests for your thoughts on issues important to the Group.

You, in turn, have written to me quite a bit, sending me your ideas and opinions as we plan upcoming Group meetings, soliciting help for your -- or offering to aid me in preparation of my -- grant applications, and proposing policy changes.

Please continue to communicate back. Take Front Line's first birthday as a chance to let me know your thoughts about the modality itself. Is it useful? Informative? Helpful in maintaining Group awareness and Group pride? How would you improve its second year?


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