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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


SWOG's Impact: Publications and Presentations

Feb 28, 2014 - SWOG aims to improve the practice of cancer medicine. We're in this for our patients; accrual to our studies is a general marker of success, and changing practice itself (or confirming existing practice is best) is the true sign we are doing things well. The new knowledge we generate starts the process of improving practice when it's published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at national and international meetings.

We have guidelines and even policy about getting our work out there, to protect and appropriately credit the Group, as well as to make sure all contributors to the underlying research are appropriately acknowledged. As you prepare a manuscript or abstract that in any way incorporates SWOG work, remember that your first step in submitting it for publication is to forward it to the SWOG Publications Office to ensure compliance with policies of SWOG, the NCI, and the NIH. You can learn more about these policies online at http://www.swog.org/Visitors/Download/Policies/Policy24.pdf (SWOG Policy 24 -- Procedural Guidelines for All SWOG Publications). In crafting your publications and presentations, please remember that SWOG should be recognized prominently -- ideally in the article title. This is not (solely) from a desire to toot our own horn but because in a fiercely competitive funding environment we absolutely must be able to clearly track SWOG's contributions and eventually measure our impact. Think of it as data quality assurance for the next grant cycle.

Now that I've put publication metrics on the table, I want to tell you a bit about SWOG's recent productivity. Nineteen SWOG-related abstracts have been submitted for presentation at the ASCO Annual Meeting in June. For interest's sake, I have also listed below how we did in prior years, as well as given you the number of manuscripts published:

SWOG-Related Publications

Total Total ASCO
2008 78 45 18
2009 66 49 18
2010 73 58 20
2011 57 53 13
2012 65 64 28
2013 79 44 12
2014 19 submitted

Kudos to all of our investigators and other members who contributed to the work reported above. The ASCO annual meeting and others of similar caliber, as well as the high-quality journals our work appears in, are vital routes for turning new knowledge into new practice.


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