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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


NCTN, NCORP, and SWOG Membership Policy

by Guest Blogger Anne F. Schott, M.D.
SWOG Deputy Chair
Hope Foundation Chair

Feb 14, 2014 - Dear SWOG friends,
Dr. Blanke is traveling and asked me to guest-write today's article. Although perhaps not the most exciting topic this year, I am sure that you will find this update on SWOG's membership informative. Happy Valentine's Day!

Changes in NCI programs, under both CTEP and DCP, mean site membership categories within SWOG will be changing somewhat for some of our sites. The latest information we have is presented in these three tables, which detail the relationships among the proposed SWOG membership categories:
  • LAPS and LAPS Components and Affiliates
  • Main Members, Affiliates, and Components
  • CCOP/MBCCOP Members and Components
Although these categories are not yet set in stone, for most of our core members and affiliates, little will change.

SWOG Members Program
If your site or your parent institution is awarded a Lead Academic Participating Site (LAPS) grant, you will have met the requirements for site-level membership within SWOG. If your site is now in the SWOG Member Program and is not awarded a LAPS grant, you should be able to continue with SWOG as a Main Member.

SWOG Affiliates Program
If your site is now in SWOG's Affiliates Program, you may continue as an affiliate under your parent institution (as long as your parent institution agrees with this). If your site is now a SWOG affiliate but will not remain under your current parent institution within the group, you may be able to apply directly to SWOG's Main Member Program, or possibly switch your affiliation to a different parent institution (contact member@swog.org).

SWOG-affiliated CCOPs
We don't expect major changes to SWOG membership policies for our CCOPs and their component sites, though we won't have specific information on that front until the NCI completes funding decisions on the NCORP applications. If you're a CCOP PI with SWOG, we will reach out to you after those applications are reviewed to offer our help with transitioning into the new NCORP program.

Please consider this message just a preview. We will send out a more detailed update after the spring Group Meeting. If we perceive there's a need, we may hold one or more informational webinars for our members in the spring and summer on changes in SWOG member policy to align with new NCTN and NCORP guidelines. If you would like to be kept apprised of plans for a possible webinar, please send a message with "membership webinar" in the subject line to communications@swog.org.


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