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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Wanted: Information on NCORP-related collaborations

Nov 22, 2013 - Successful communication needs to go in two directions, so I'm immensely gratified by the level of membership response to these weekly messages. Every time I've put out a call for input or volunteers, you have answered, and I thus again invite your input on a major project the Group is undertaking.

As background, I'm still energized by a wonderful meeting we held in Portland earlier this week to plan SWOG's application for an NCORP Research Base. As you're likely aware, the NCI posted its NCORP Funding Opportunity Announcement earlier this month. We're working to ensure SWOG's Research Base application features as complete a portrait as possible of our members' work in NCORP-related areas of cancer control and prevention (including screening), disparities, and cancer care delivery research.

In particular, we want to learn of your collaborations -- recent, current, or planned -- in these areas. Please send me a description of all

  • current and potential NCORP-related collaborations with investigators from other NCI-sponsored programs;
  • current and potential NCORP-related collaborations with investigators in non-NCI programs (e.g., at your university, with advocacy groups, and so on); and
  • outside grants you have leveraged to work on NCORP-related projects.
With apologies, the timeline for the application is unbelievably short, so please send me any descriptions of collaborations by early next week. I may contact you for additional information, for high-priority items meriting specific mention in the application.

I also want to hear your best ideas on how SWOG can engage and work with our community-focused members. And, as the draft comes together in December, we will need internal reviewers to provide feedback. If you have interest and aptitude, let me know if you would like to be part of this important process.

SWOG's community-focused institutions are a critical component of our success in moving cancer research forward and improving things for patients. We currently have 25 CCOPs aligned with SWOG as their primary research base, and they enroll more than one-third of all participants to our studies. The CCOPs are a core part of SWOG, and I ask for your help in strengthening that community within the new framework of the NCI Community Oncology Research Program.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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