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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


SWOG's Imaging Committee in quest of liaisons

Sep 20, 2013 - Our Imaging Committee is now approaching its first birthday, having held its initial face-to-face meeting in Chicago last fall. The committee's leaders seek to engage new members. Specifically aiding their goal of better integrating their expertise throughout SWOG's work, they are seeking active and innovative members of SWOG's disease committee working groups to serve as liaisons between those committees and Imaging.

The Imaging Committee and its priorities have been shaped by a 2011 survey of committee leadership and an ad hoc task force, which gave it two main charges: 1) develop a capacity for endpoint image review in real time through a centralized review body, and 2) validate novel imaging approaches in clinical trials. The committee also serves as a core of expertise SWOG investigators can turn to when designing clinical trials, and it works with Study Chairs to develop protocol language that ensures imaging is performed consistently across all sites that open a study.

SWOG Executive Officer Dr. Lisa Kachnic is working hard to promote active lines of communication among the discipline-specific committees and disease committees, making it easier for SWOG investigators to conceive and develop studies that incorporate the full range of therapeutic and diagnostic modes. Imaging Committee Chair Dr. Lawrence Schwartz, (who also chairs the Alliance's Imaging Committee) is doing the same, looking to recruit liaisons who will serve as those active lines of communication between Imaging and other committees. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Schwartz.

P.S. The current issue of Cancer has an update on progress made in revamping the NCI cooperative group system. Free article is linked below.

NCI Cooperative Clinical Trials Groups proceed with reorganization
by Carrie Printz
Cancer 119:19, 3423‚Äď3424. Epub 19 Sep 2013

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) continues to move forward with plans for a restructuring of its Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program even though budget cuts threaten to affect some of its goals.


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