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The Front Line
The Front Line: Charles D. Blanke, MD, SWOG Chair


Updates to the schedule for SWOG's fall 2013 group meeting

Aug 2, 2013 - After polling past attendees, I am pleased to announce we have heard your ideas for improving the twice-per-year live meetings, and we are working hard to implement your recommended changes. We have now adjusted the schedule for SWOG's fall group meeting and are putting our committee working groups back in the limelight by moving working group sessions to Thursday afternoon -- bracketing our Plenary Part I (TM) -- and moving all disease committee sessions to Friday.

The changes will make it easier for SWOG investigators to attend all sessions relevant to them. They will also ensure your chairs have time to digest discussion from the working groups and incorporate discussions from those meetings into their presentations to the general committee members, keeping everyone better informed. Finally, they should make it easier for SWOG members to attend Plenary Parts I and II. We have some exciting speakers so I hope you all can go to both!

I hope this change in the schedule will bring real benefits to the group overall, though I realize it may also pose added difficulties for some. We will continue to innovate within the schedule to see what works best and will measure the effects of our changes on attendance, cost, and -- to the degree we can measure this -- scientific output.

The last several meetings have featured a special Translational Medicine Symposium on Thursday. This symposium was and remains a great idea. In fact, we have made it a permanent fixture of the group meeting -- a Thursday Plenary Part I session with a focus on the Group's exciting advances in and plans regarding translational medicine. We will also continue our Plenary Part II (General) session on Friday afternoon, keeping you informed about Group and NCI operations, as well as scientific plans and results.

In fact, we have gotten quite a bit of feedback from members wanting to learn more about what is going on elsewhere within the group, and we have tried to meet this need by incorporating "best of SWOG" updates as regular parts of the Plenary sessions. At each Plenary, three or four committee or TM chairs/sub-chairs will spend ten minutes highlighting the major SWOG work within their areas -- recently completed, present, and future.

Registration for the fall meeting will open August 6th. Look for the announcement in your email that day. In the meantime, you can preview the still tentative new schedule at [ link expired ].


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